Required input for problem resolution

–When creating a ticket to report a problem in CAST AIP, please:

  1.  Provide CAST Technical Support with a clear and complete description:

The Observed Result: with the complete error or warning message if there is one, with a description of the result if wrong, and with a description of the product behavior: crash, hang, performance with the measurements and the description of the environment (machine properties, server dedicated to CAST)…

The Expected Result: with a complete description of what results you expect to get, and the reasons of your expectations.

–A detailed and complete step-by-step scenario to be followed by CAST support to reproduce the case

–Screenshots showing the configurations, the observed and expected results.


  2.  Provide sufficient input for CAST Technical Support to investigate or reproduce the problem:

–Run latest CAST Support Tool (CST) alias Sherlock with all options activated including source code.

Upload the output zip file to the ticket.

=> NDA can be signed by CAST to restrict use of input to the problem resolution. Request NDA in the ticket. 

The NDA doc will be sent to CAST Customer, who will send it back after signing it. Once it is signed and received by CAST, the customer will send the input. CAST will use it only to investigate and provide a temporary and/or permanent solution. The input will be deleted once the solution is given to the customer and confirmed by them.

=> If you are not able to provide required input, then provide details connection to your environment.

Note that connecting to environments is usually sufficient to fix configuration issues but may not be sufficient to fix bugs, thus the need to have the requester’s input, for Support to reproduce the bug, for R&D to debug it AND for QA to validate the correction.

Note also that configuration issues can also be spotted more easily and quicker by looking through the input retrieved by CAST Support Tool (CST) alias Sherlock.

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