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Ticket creation

To create new tickets, click on the Submit a request link.



You will be directed to the Submit a request page.

Choose the ticket form from the Please choose a request type below field form:

Question in CAST AIP: if you have a question regarding the CAST AIP products.

Incident in CAST <CAST Version>: if you are reporting an issue encountered while using CAST AIP product in CAST Version.

Incident in CAST Imaging System: if you are reporting an issue encountered while using CAST Imaging System.

Incident in CST Tool - Alias Sherlock: If you are encountering a problem while using the CAST Support Tool (CST).

Assistance in HELP CENTER: if you are encountering a problem/requests regarding in the HELP CENTER.

Assistance in Field Process: for all requests related to the Best Practices.

Warning: To report any feature request on CAST AIP Product, please raise it to the Community section.






Once user select the request type, fill the fields accordingly. For instance, for Incident in CAST <CAST Version>, the form will look as below:



Keep in mind that most of the fields are compulsory: see "Required/compulsory fields at the ticket creation" paragraph.

For Incident in CAST AIP, follow instructions given in Required Input for problem resolution.

Attach input to your ticket following instructions given in Upload/Download input



Once your ticket is created, you will receive a notification that informs you that your ticket has been received by CAST Technical Support. This notification contains a link to the ticket created and informations to upload big inputs (higher than 10 Mb)


From: CAST []

Sent: mercredi 28 mai 2014 16:23

To: John Smith

Cc: < All CAST recipients in CC; Assignee>

Subject: [<Your organization name>] - < ticket ID> - <-Ticket title > 

Thank you for contacting CAST Technical Support. Your request (528) has been received and is being reviewed by CAST Technical Support.

To add additional comments, you can either connect to our Help Center or reply to the email.

To upload input bigger than 10 MB please use FTPsecured FTP or HTTPS. Credentials for a limited 24 h access will be added to your ticket. We recommend you use FileZilla, available for free at: Filezilla

To download CST (alias Sherlock), use Sherlock









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