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  • It is recommended to search for existing similar suggestions before submitting your own and vote/comment for that - in this way it is easier for Product Management to see which suggestions are the most popular
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    We want to migrate our Oracle schemas in 11G, CAST version 7.3.x and 7.2.x to postgres server. Do you have any functionality to migrate CAST schema in oracle 11G to postgresql. Can this functionality be provided by 30th APril 2015. Please update us.

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    I would like to ask you when Angular5 will be available and in which version.

    thanks & Regards

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    Please provide group by feature in action plan view in AED as was provided in CED. It will help to group the items per team or department, etc. We cannot switch to AED without this feature available in AED

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    We have several applications belonging to the same local and central schema. For security policy when analysis end we clean up the Deploy folder and so no code is available in that folder.
    Doing analysis, when starts 'starting Task Update Sources in "XXX_local' it is looking for code of the other applications belonging to the same local. It spends more than 15 minutes looking them doing errors like: cannot find : S:\Deploy\X\...... for each module and each applications stored in the same loca.
    Maybe it could be useful to modify procedure, so CAST can upload only code related to the scanning application without looking for the other

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    About the quality rule: "Close the outermost stream ASAP"
    When another method is used to close the outermost, the Quality Rule incorrectly reports this as a violation.
    I checked into the documentation and it is not a known bug by CAST

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    our GIT URL is not connected from the DMT and is giving an error saying
    "the clone command was called either with invalid credentials or invalid URL."

    Investigating further with CAST ticket support we found the systems where the issue is appearing are connected to the internet with the PROXY settings and Cast DMT for GIT does not support proxy with authentication, this is the reason the Git is not getting packaged.

    Our network company is working only with proxy settings.
    Is there any plan to fix the issue? For us it is very important and impacting item.


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    It is possible to see the new snapshot in the dashboard, even if the tomcat service is not restarted?

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    Can we get groovy files support in any upcoming CAST release?
    any tentative date for this?

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    When we tried to demo imaging to the client, they have noticed that it would be good if there is a use case functionality. This is for the client sake, so that they can easily read or analyze the content of the application.

    Other suggestion is, the Business logic grouping. Upon looking for the grouping functionality of imaging, the client have noticed that you have to do a grouping on your own. They suggested if it would be possible for CAST imaging to do its own grouping, just like Architecture checker.

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    The OWASP-2017 summary report produced with RepGen contains any findings for security violations with table evolution with Total Vulnerabilities, Added Vulnerabilities and Removed Vulnerabilities. Do you know a way to customize the template report to have Total Vulnerabilities only in report created with RepGen?

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    CAST Web Installer is good idea.
    However it would be better if ;

    - install feature can be selected. currently both CAST AIP and Imaging System are installed with valid license key.
    - License key can be enter after installation is completed.

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