Files Attachment – Upload/download via HTTPS

This page explains how to upload input to a ticket and to download input from a ticket using a temporary HTTPS account.


I- Upload via HTTPS

1. Click on the HTTPS link, in the automatic email you have received at the ticket creation.


You will receive an email giving you the credentials for a temporary account.


2. Click on the link.

The page below will be displayed:

3. Connect to the HTTPS interface with the following values:

    1. Username: <as given in your ticket>
    2. Password: <as given in your ticket>

4. Click on Login

5. Click on Select to point to the input you want to upload. It will be uploaded automatically.





II- Download via HTTPS

In order to get a temporary HTTPS account and to connect to the HTTPS server, follow the point 1 to 4 described in the "Upload via HTTPS" above section.

Once connected, you will see two section in the HTTPS page, one to download input, the second to upload input.


5- In the Download section, select the file you want to Download and click "Download file"



Note: Make sure that the input you will upload does not contain invalid characters such as "{", "}".

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