How to sign in

If you are a CAST customer and you wish to get registered in our Help Center, you may Sign-up or Submit a request directly


In the Help Center home page:

  1. Click Sign in. The Sign in to CAST windows appears:
  2. Click New to CAST? - Sign up as below
  3. Enter your Full name, your email, check I'm not a robot                  
  4. Select the correct answers and click Sign up

You will receive a welcome email that will allow you to register your password.



Submit a request

Alternatively, you may submit a request without being registered.

In the Help Center home page:

  1. Click Submit a request                    
  2. Fill the form
  3. Click Submit
  4. Since you are not yet registered, you will receive the following message: Request not yet submitted. Please check your email to verify and submit your request
  5. Click the message and create a password. The verification will be done by email.

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