CAST HIGHLIGHT - Release Notes

CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.6.6
Release Date: May 12th 2024

* Home Page - Performance improvements
* Software Composition - Performance improvements


CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.6.5
Release Date: May 5th 2024
* CLI - Exclusion options (e.g., --ignorePath) now apply to dependency files
* CLI - Display an explicit error message when the CLI version is obsolete
* SCA - Component Status recompute is now done only on last results for better performance
* Login - A new login page to reinforce the "Control Tower" product positioning


CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.6.4
Release Date: April 27th 2024
* SCA - KEV insights are now aggregated at both application and portfolio levels
* Component Catalog - Result pagination to improve performance when a large number of component rules (allowed/denied) are defined
* Platform now prevents the process of deprecated result CSVs (older than 5.5.1)
* Code Insights - List of excluded Code Insights are now included in the Excel export
* Technical Debt Advisor is now displayed first under Technical Debt dashboard
* Cloud Maturity - Pattern improvement on "Use of unsecure network protocol" (#46707)
* Keyword Scan - Fix of Typescript analyzer for some specific cases (one single .ts file with a Kewyord Scan) (#46878)
* Home - Top 20 Code Insights - Fix of the Excel export when filtering on domains (HL-2661)


CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.6.2
Release Date: April 20th 2024
* Campaigns: Notify Domain Contributors when a new campaign is started (if option is ON)
* SCA - Commented lines in should be taken into account for component detection (#46770)
* Segmentation improvement when last results are survey-only campaigns (#46334)
* API - Fix on component status recompute when skipOutput was true
* Software Health - Code Insight exclusion feature minor improvements
* Pendo - Get root-level company name instead of domain name as company 'name' in Pendo attrribute


CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.6.1
Release Date: April 13th 2024
* AI Advisor (see
* CAST Highlight Extensions Marketplace is available from the UI
* SCA - CVE detection improvement on PHP (php-src was filtered out)


CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight5.5.28
Release Date:
April 6th 2024
* Software Health - Code Insights can now be excluded at the application level
* APPLICATION SCANS - Download of the new Code Reader is now the default link
* API - Added an option to Component Management endpoint to not return the list of allowed/denied components after a POST request (WS2/domains/{domainId}/thirdparty/status/configuration?skipRecompute=true&skipOutput=true) (#46086


CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.27
Release Date: March 30th 2024
* Green Impact - CO2 emission parameters can now be customized and saved at the application level
* SCA - Support of settings.gradle for dependency versions detection (#46299)
* SCA - CVE detection improvement for "better_errors" component
* SCA - Refine fingerprint-detected component filtering to not miss some legit components
* Cloud Maturity - Wording/label adjustments (e.g., roadblocks become occurrences)
* SAML - Fixed issue that was preventing some SAML users to login (#45712)


CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.25
Release Date: March 23rd 2024
* Cloud Maturity - Improved Cloud service recommendations for Azure (Azure Web PubSub, Azure Events, etc.)
* SCA - Excluded CVEs now have their criticality reported in the Excel SBOM
* Analyzers/Python - Fixed false positive on "Avoid unused parameter", for parameter "cls" (#46255)
* Analyzers/SCA - Improved dependency detection ("root" to not be considered as a dependency in package.json) (#45051)


CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.24
Release Date: March 16th 2024
* Green Impact - CO2 Emission Estimator parameters at portfolio level are now persisted
* Software Maintenance survey - Added two questions on use of AI
* CLI - Improved responses on some upload errors
* Analyzers - Fix on specific Keyword Scan functions that were causing scanning issues
* Analyzers - Fix on a specific syntax that was preventing Cloud Maturity details to be produced for the HL2MRI extension


CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.23
Release Date: March 9th 2024
* SCA - Support of CycloneDX 1.5 (XML/JSON) export and import (for supported tools)
* Kotlin support for Green Insights
* API - Custom Indicators - Avoid duplicates of customized CAST's Business Impact metric
* SCA - OnPrem - Include licence information of dependencies that are not present on the server
* CVEDB - OnPrem - Migrate build artifact from JAR to WAR (can be deployed on app container)


CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.22
Release Date: March 1st 2024

* API - Optimization of the Allow/Deny component list end point (#46086)
* SCA - Poetry.lock files were not properly parsed in some cases for dependency extraction (#46091)
* SCA - Improved Safer/Safest component version recommendation (filter on next-*) (#46056)
* CLI - Docker image scans now better handle exceptions (symbolic links) (#44637)

* Pendo Optimizations - Added new account-level data mapping and view urls


CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.21
Release Date: February 24th 2024

* SCA - Support of CycloneDX (1.4) SBOM import from Anchore Syft
* CLI/API - Fixed issue for users submitting results with a Contributor role only(#45957)
* Green Impact - Label fix on CO2 estimator screen


CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.20
Release Date: February 17th 2024
* Cloud Maturity - Improved Cloud Service recommendations for Azure (updated service urls)
* Software Health - Pattern documentation is now embedded in the UI when available
* SCA - CVE false positive removal (flat vs. flat-*)
* SCA - Fix on CVE trends at the application level (#45828)
* Cloud Maturity - Directory Manipulation pattern improvements for C# and VB.Net (#44962)
* Cloud Maturity - File Manipulation pattern improvements for C# and VB.Net (#44962)
* Analyzers - COBOL analyzer improvements on COPY statements (#45632)
* Green CO2 gain estimator - Minor label fixes


CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.19
Release Date: February 10th 2024

* Green Impact - CO2 emission simulator formula adjustments
* CLI - Fixed some incorrect output messages ("Upload stage skipped")
* Analyzers - Clojure's TooDepthArtifact Code Insight was cumulating values from a file to another

CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.18
Release Date: February 7th 2024

* SCA - Vulnerabilities - Display clickable application names for a given CVE category at the portfolio level

* SCA - Add to KEV insights a short description when available

* Excel Importer - User-friendly error message when user imports or exports a file while it is open

* Cloud Maturity - Improvement of "Use of unsecured network protocols" pattern (exclude when some occurrences are found within loggers)

* Analyzers - JavaScript : enforce support of HTML embedded inside JavaScript

* Analyzers - TypeScript : enforce support of embedded HTML inside TypeScript

* Analyzers - KSH : remove first threshold 0 for alert "The code contains too many piped commands". Unique remaining threshold is now 3 (i.e., code insight will be triggered when 3 or more pipes are detected for a given KSH file)

CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.16
Release Date: January 27th 2024
* Code Reader - Users can download the new/alternative version of the Code Reader from APPLICATION SCANS
* Excel Importer - User Token are now supported to authenticate
* Portfolio Advisor for Cloud - Refresh and segment drill-down were causing some display issue
* Analyzers - Fix on TypeScript/React with embedded HTML which was triggering Missing Semicolons code insight (#45166)
* Keyword Scan - Some Keyword CSVs with incorrect format were blocking result processing
* Surveys - Changing an answer of a submitted survey was causing issues on result re-processing (#45487, #45493)
* Keyword Scan - Some applications were not showing at the portfolio level of the Keyword Scan dashboards (#45445, #44823)
* SCA - GPL-2 with classpath exception is not categorized as Medium risk in the default license risk profile (#35601)
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.15
Release Date: January 20th 2024

* SCA – CVE false positive removal (typescript-http-client)

* [FIX] Some keyword CSV uploads were blocked

* [FIX] Green “CO2 Emission Estimator” label changes

* [FIX] Some frameworks.validated.csv files were blocked and marked as duplicated

CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.14
Release Date: January 13th 2024
* Cloud Maturity - Cloud Migration Wave Advisor
* Green - CO2 Emission Estimator
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.13
Release Date: January 6th 2024
* Portfolio Advisor for Open Source - Bubble chart now includes segment colors
* Portfolio Advisor for Green - Bubble chart now includes segment colors
* Portfolio Advisor for Software Maintenance - Bubble chart now includes segment colors
* CLI - Bug fix - An error was thrown when using --skipUpload option
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.12
Release Date: December 23rd 2023
* SCA - SBOM export now includes a 'Vulnerabilities' tab which focuses on CVEs (HLFR-451, HLFR-156)
* SCA - CVE false positive removal (Apache Axis, Apache Axis2) (#44881)
* Cloud Maturity - New recommendation for Amazon Graviton Processors
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.10
Release Date: December 16th 2023
* SCA - Hint has been added on commons-collection vs. apache for better CVE detection
* Custom Segmentation - Segment formulas can use other segmentations and math expression
* Docker CLI - Docker image has been upgraded to remove CVEs
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.8
Release Date: December 9th 2023

* Cloud Service recommendations - New version of Azure service recommendation model (now recommends OpenAI and Machine Learning based on some SCA components detected during the scan)

* Application Scan - Add result export (ZIP) to ease CSV download for a given snapshot

* Docker CLI - Some components of the Docker image have been upgraded to mitigate CVEs

CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.7
Release Date: December 2nd 2023
* Cloud Maturity - Display any platform-specific booster as a platform-specific blocker in the Cloud Migration Advisor when the destination platform is different (e.g., an AWS S3 booster will be a blocker if the targeted platform is Azure)
* CLI - apply --ignorePath and --ignoreDirectories options to SCA result CSVs (e.g., frameworks.validated.csv)
* Display a message on the login screen that is posted from the admin to announce planned maintenance and other major communications
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.6
Release Date: November 25th 2023
* Benchmark - Fix on benchmark export where Green metrics were missing on APP (Google)
* Code Insights - Export of Top 20 Insights was failing for some large portfolios because of the component vs. app approach (cell limit reached due to long app names) (#44507)
* Analyzers - Minor improvements on Ruby analyzers
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.4
Release Date: November 11th 2023
* SCA - Filter portfolio-level CVEs on some filters including KEV information
* SCA -  Improved reliability of CycloneDX import (error traceability)
* Cloud Maturity - Beta tag has been removed from Oracle Cloud recommendations
* CLI - Update of CLI's README file
* Analyzers - Minor improvement for Ruby analyzer on Nbr_ShortMethodNamesLT (HL2MRI-47)
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.3
Release Date: November 11th 2023
SCA - Generate a configurable Word document with license rulebook for all licenses from a license risk profile
SCA - List excluded CVEs in a dedicated tab of the SBOM export
Cloud Maturity - Fix on metric values in Cloud Advisor export at the application level (#44033)
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.2
Release Date: November 4th 2023
* TRENDS - Screen rework to address performance of large portfolios
* Technical Debt - Fix on Manage Technical Debt Effort screen where priority changes were not reflected in the UI (#44062)
* Analyzers - Fix on empty JSON files which were causing analysis issues (#44059)
* Analyzers - Fix on JSON files with malformed encoding which were causing analysis issues
* Analyzers - C/C++ robustness improvements
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.1
Release Date: October 28th 2023
* Ruby support for Software Health
* SCA - CVE false positive removals
* "Local Agent" is now named "Code Reader"
* Survey campaign incorrectly marked fail (#43909)
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.5.0
Release Date: October 21st 2023
* Cloud Maturity is replacing CloudReady in the UI
* Cloud Maturity - Added a tooltip to explain the CFA (Code, Framework, Architecture) acronyms in results (HLFR-410)
* SCA - Added a hint for CVE detection on webpack.js vs. webpack (#43839)
* SCA - Business Impact score was missing for some applications in Software Composition > Vulnerabilities view (#43766)
* Surveys - Add a new question type that support URLs whose answers will be clickable (e.g., SharePoint page for an application) (HLFR-387)
* Added clientRef field on domains and tags for easier API third-party integration
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.4.107
Release Date: October 14th 2023
* API - New endpoint to create license risk profiles (POST WS2/domains/{domainId}/licenses) (#42611)
* Green Impact - Fix - Filters were not working on the Green Impact tab at the portfolio level (#43685, #43777)
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.4.106
Release Date: October 7th 2023
* CloudReady - Added 27 Cloud blockers for PLS/SQL
* Custom Segmentation - Updated labels to clarify the workflow
* SCA - Extended support of CycloneDX import (when no <dependencies> part are defined) (#43600, #43589)
* Analyzers - TypeScript - Fixed false positives for missing semicolon (Software Health) (#43614)
* Analyzers - C++ - Addes method specifiers "override" and "final" (#43586)
* Analyzers - JavaScript - In JSX files, short tags with one letter were leading to parse errors (#43589)
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.4.105
Release Date: September 30th 2023
* Continuous Achievement Tracker - Added Green Impact metrics
* SCA - Sort applications and components by CVE criticality instead of total vulnerability count
* SCA - Changed license risk label from "Partially Compliant" to "Under Conditions"
* Application Results - Added Green Impact metrics, removed Software Resiliency, Agility and Elegance
* Benchmark - Fixed some display issues where applications with no scores were visible in the benchmark chart (#43345)
* Analyzers (SQL) - Support syntax "create or alter" when declaring procedure (#43347)
* Analyzers (Kotlin) - Fix - Do not count violation for an empty routine inside an interface
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.4.104
Release Date: September 23rd 2023
* Portfolio Management - User view now indicates last login dates and user types (Credential vs. SAML)
* Portfolio Management - Portfolio Managers can now invite users as SAML users
* Portfolio Management - Portfolio Managers can now decide to restrict user invites to SAML users only
* Analyzers - C# - "new" syntax not entirely supported which was causing never ending analyses (#43388)
* PPT exports - Changed labels to align with the UI (Code Insights, Improvement Candidates, Contribution)
* SCA - Mixing survey/scan campaigns was causing OSS score calculation issues in some cases (#43413)
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.4.103
Release Date: September 16th 2023
* Custom Segmentation - Expose technologies as possible criteria of the segmentation
* SCA - Changed the Excel library to manage large documents exports
* SCA - Fixed an issue in the SCA Components view on applications, which was not applying filters (#43365)
* CloudReady - For new instances, relabeled two survey questions to make them self-explanatory
* CloudReady - For new instances, changed survey questions order (e.g., current state question now comes first)
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight  5.4.102
Release Date: September 9th 2023
* Cloud - CloudReady Matrix bubble chart with quadrants (quick-win, core cloud...) and segment information now available from the Portfolio Advisor for Cloud
* PPT report - Fixed overlapping values in the PPT report (#42952)
* SCA - Incorrect sign for 100% diff on snapshot compare (app level & component) (#43233)
* CLI - Add information in CLI logs to indicate number of files discovered for each technology
* CLI/Docker - --analyzerDir option was unavailable given other options on the command line (#43135)
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight  5.4.100
Release Date: September 4th 2023
* Green - Added a Green Deficiency pattern to the T-SQL technology (#43137)
* Home - Quick Portfolio Insights now take overridden segmentations into account
* SCA - CVE exclusions were temporarily unavailable after adding KEV insights
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight  5.4.99
Release Date: September 2nd 2023
* SCA - Enlight CVEs with KEV (Known Exploited Vulnerabilities) information
* SAML/SSO - SAML configuration page for end users
* Code Insights - Changed filters to exclude high quality files from the view if they are below 100 LOC (#43165)
* Application Detail - Reduce font-size of tabs at application level to not break tabs
* User Management - Search for Contributors was not working on Application Edit (#42964)
* Home - Quick Portfolio Insights - not showing any apps (#43107)
* Analyzers - Manage empty JSON files (#42821)
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight  5.4.98
Release Date: August 26th 2023
* CloudReady - Make the Cloud segmentation information available at the application level
* SCA - Allow any user to search for a license within the current license risk profile and display its rulebook
* Surveys - Some types of survey questions were not cloneable (#42978)
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.4.97
Release Date: August 19th 2023
* CloudReady - Application CloudReady Advisor now filters "Migrate to..." based on Cloud platforms activated for the instance (#42896)
* User Management - Bug fix for editing a user with a Blind Contributor role (#42924)
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.4.96
Release Date: August 12th 2023
* SCA - Display publish and last modified dates of CVEs
* SCA - Component Catalog now searches for components even if not local to the server
* SCA - Improvement of the CVEDB search/mapping (project's name is now split by vendor/project)
* CLI/Docker - Connection issues catch
* CLI/Docker - Temporary files are now removed after the scan
CAST Highlight upgrade notes
CAST Highlight 5.4.95
Release Date: August 5th 2023
* User persona is now captured when a user account is activated (will be used later for role-based dashboards and features)
* CloudReady Matrix - The bubble chart was not displaying boundaries (e.g., apps having 0 or 100 for Business Impact) - #42744
CAST Highlight - SCA Chrome extension 0.0.18
We just released a new version of our Chrome extension for SCA. It adds the component lifespan information when available, along with some improvements on existing features. It is available from the Chrome web store:
CAST Highlight upgrade notes (July 29th 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.93
Release Date: July 29th 2023
* Analyzers - .inc should not be associated to JCL analyzer (#42642)
* CloudReady - Fixed issue that was preventing the display of blocker status (new/fixed) and roadblock variation between the two latest scans
CAST Highlight upgrade notes (July 22nd 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.92
Release Date: July 22nd 2023
* SCA - Better detection of inherited versions of Maven dependencies (#42315)
* Home - Removed duplicate applications in Quick Portfolio Insights (Cloud / Refactor) (#42462)
* API/Tokens - Allow only GET and POST on /authorize service
* Analyzers - $@ is always defined (empty string or message). So remove "defined" when testing it. (#42540)
* CLI - Reduced overall size of the JAR
CAST Highlight upgrade notes (July 15th 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.91
Release Date: July 15th 2023
* Commit Azure service recommendation JSON file (Azure App Service when an application has some JavaScript)
* Analyzers - Fix KSH technology detection [HL2MRI-36]
* Analyzers - Fixed some parsing errors in JavaScript analyzer [HL2MRI-36]
* Analyzers - Fixed errors for strings in MFC files + improve HTML detection in JS files [HL2MRI-36]
* CLI - Rolled back JAR's size decrease as it was preventing HLAutomation.log to be produced
CAST Highlight upgrade notes (July 8th 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.89
Release Date: July 8th 2023
* CloudReady - Added Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) service recommendations
* CLI - Significantly reduced the JAR size (from 37MB to 16MB)
* CLI - Fix (integrated retry) to reduce the risk of failing result uploads
* API/SAML - Last login date is now returned for previously enrolled SAML users
CAST Highlight upgrade notes (July 4th 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.88
Release Date: July 4th 2023
* User Login: Fixed an issue which was preventing users having multiple subdomain accesses to authenticate
CAST Highlight upgrade notes (July 1st 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.87
Release Date: July 1st 2023
* PPT - Green Insights have been added to the portfolio-level PPT export
* PPT - Portfolio Advisors (Cloud, Open Source, Software Maintenance segmentations) have been added to the portfolio-level PPT export
* User Login - SSO/SAML users can now use the main login screen to authenticate
* API - Last login date is now returned for SAML users (WS2/domains/{domainId}/users) (#42305)
* CLI - Prevent CSV upload when there was no analysis
* CLI - Some uploads were failing due to a bad CSV sequence order
* SCA - Proprietary Component tab is now removed from the Excel BOM when no proprietary components are found
* Continuous Improvement Tracking - Fix mismatch on displayed metric values in trends (#42266)
CAST Highlight upgrade notes (June 24th 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.86
Release Date: June 24th 2023
* Green - Application-level Green Insights export
* CloudReady - Added Criticality and Impact columns in the application-level Excel export
* CloudReady - Updated AWS Recommendation JSON file (refined recommendation on RDS for PL/SQL based on SCA components)
* SCA - Exclude dependencies from <dependencyManagement> but keep the version definition (#42076)
* SCA and Snapshot comparison - Sort snapshots on date descending
* Software Health - Fix on score filtering based on SCA results (#42171)
CAST Highlight upgrade notes (June 17th 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.85
Release Date: June 17th 2023
* CloudReady - Improved Azure (all services are now exposed) & AWS (RDS for Oracle on PL/SQL apps) Cloud service recommendation JSON
* SCA - Word BOM improvement (added the license category - permissive, strong copyleft, etc. to different places of the report)
* UI - Documentation links added to recently added features (Portfolio Advisor for Software Maintenance and Green, Application CloudReady Advisor, etc.)
* CLI/Docker - Bug fix on Linux (#41790)
CAST Highlight upgrade notes (June 10th 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.84
Release Date: June 10th 2023 
* Dart support for detection, sizing metrics and SCA (fingerprints only)
* SCA - Lifecycle status for components (Active, Immature, Deprecated) is now calculated
* CloudReady - Added a question on current state of the application (on-prem, cloud native, hybrid) to impact scores and segmentation
* Revisited Home Quick Portfolio Insights (aligned with Portfolio Advisors)
* Custom Dashboards - Quick Portfolio Insights now available as a widget of the Custom Dashboards
* SCA - Fixed CVE count in application table is inconsistent at portfolio level (#41937)
* SCA - Some dependencies were not displayed through the UI when clicking on the magnifying glass icon (#41864)
* Application Results - Indicate the app history limit when exporting (#41479)
CAST Highlight upgrade notes (June 3rd 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.83
Release Date: June 3rd 2023
* Custom Dashboards - Add milestones (Continuous Improvement Tracker feature) as a possible widget of a custom dashboard
* CLI - Docker Image Scanning feature doesn't require to expose daemon on tcp://localhost:2375 without TLS anymore
* ASP.Net new model and analyzer bug fixes - This could lead to score differences between two scans
CAST Highlight upgrade notes (May 27th 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.82
Release Date: May 27th 2023
* SCA - Word BOM now includes a license rulebook overview based on detected licenses (HLFR-276)
* CloudReady - Support of Ruby (25+ patterns) -
* CloudReady - Azure Spring Apps and Azure Container Apps are now part of the automated Cloud service recommendations for Azure
* CLI - Improvement of the CLI and portal for supporting parallel scans (HLFR-294)
* SCA - Proprietary Component Governance - Fixed application count for a given component when used in multiple versions (#41688)
CAST Highlight upgrade notes (May 20th 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.81
Release Date: May 20th 2023
* CloudReady - Cloud service recommendations can now be manually added to an application result
* CloudReady - Improved Cloud Services recommendations for Azure (Azure Spring Apps, Azure SQL for PostreSQL)
* XML Export - Fixed Software Health metric (#41666)
* SCA - C# - Detected component version should be overriden by HintPath version if present (#39938)
* SCA - Fixed issue on component exclusion if it was linked to an archived application (#41573)
* SCA - BOM importing - Fixed CycloneDX importing feature when import is done from a subdomain Portfolio Manager
CAST Highlight upgrade notes (May 13th 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.80
Release Date: May 13th 2023

* SCA - Improvement of the BOM Importing feature (in case of dual-licensed component, retain the one from the CycloneDX BOM)

* Bug Fix - CSV result export was including all snapshots of applications (#41479)

CAST Highlight upgrade notes (May 6th 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.79
Release Date: May 6th 2023
* Define a custom dashboard as the user's homepage
* SCA - Support of Swift's package.swift and package.resolved for dependency extraction (HLFR-297)
* JavaScript - Support of recent syntaxes to improve accuracy of some Code Insights
* JavaScript - Improved code insight on missing semi-colons (#41055)
* SCA - Python fix for supporting trailing comments in requirements.txt
* SCA - Label update of the BOM Importing feature
* Cloud Service Recommendations - Fix on survey answer not displayed when it triggers a recommendation
CAST Highlight upgrade notes 
CAST Highlight 5.4.78
Release Date: April 29th 2023

* CLI and portal modifications to better support simultaneous scan uploads from the same user (#39292)

* Bubble charts - Display application names by default (HLFR-286)

* Cloud Service recommendations - Now support survey answers by using clientRef attributes

* Minor label fixes in the Continuous Improvement Tracker feature

CAST Highlight upgrade notes (all platforms)
CAST Highlight 5.4.77
Release Date: April 25th 2023
* Bug fix of a UI component which was preventing Code Insights and Custom Indicators to display properly (#41366)



CAST Highlight upgrade notes (all platforms)
CAST Highlight 5.4.75
Release Date: April 22nd 2023
* SCA - SBOM importing capability (beta) - Requires the feature to be turned on by CAST
* ASP.Net technology support for Software Health (C# and VB.Net code insights calculated when applicable)
* CLI - The command line is now able to scan local and distant Docker images * Custom Dashboards - Improvement of business rules related to Custom Dashboards visibility and company sharing based on user role and domains - #41226
* SAML - Bug fix which was preventing a SAML user to activate the user account when SMTP server was not configured (on-prem) - #41211
* Discussion Threads - Bug fix - Email notifications were not sent for notified people
Visual Studio Code extension for CloudReady (1.0.4)
March 17 2023
We just released v1.0.4 of the Visual Studio Code extension for 2601_cloud CloudReady. It adds support for Go applications.
CAST Highlight CloudReady Extension for Visual Studio Code - Visual Studio Marketplace
Extension for Visual Studio Code - CAST Highlight CloudReady Extension for Visual Studio Code
CAST Highlight 5.4.73
Release Date: April 15th 2023
* Go technology support for CloudReady
* Portfolio Advisor for Software Maintenance: Result export is now available
* Portfolio Management - Legacy screen has been decommissioned (feature focus:
* SCA - filter results by ignoring "filename" rows from frameworks.validated.csv (component detection based on file names e.g., jquery-1.2.3.min.js)
* CLI - Removed some constraints which were blocking result upload when the CLI version was in older version than the portal (HL-2350)
CAST Highlight 5.4.68
Release Date: March 18th 2023
* Green Software Insights - Added Green Impact scores in the benchmark feature
* CloudReady - Cloud details are now available for COBOL (blocker occurrence positions)
* Custom Segmentation - Software Maintenance metrics (recorded/recommended) can now be used in custom segmentations


Visual Studio Code extension for Green Impact (1.0.2)
March 11th 2023
We just released v.1.0.2 of the Visual Studio Code extension for fallingleaf​ Green Impact. This extension uses the same user authentication than the CloudReady extension for Visual Studio Code, so no need to register again if you already have a user account.

CAST Highlight 5.4.67

Release Date: March 11th 2023

* SCA - Support of lockFiles v3 for dependency extraction (#40669, #40446, #40005)

* SCA - Improvement of Gradle/Kotlin support (some build.gradle.kts syntax were not supported for dependency extraction) (#40428)

* SCA - Fixed X-axis on Components > Distinct Versions chart which was not numerically sorted (#39924)

* SCA - Removal of CVE false positives (apache solr, commons-net, swagger) (#40563)

* SCA/API - Gitlab CVEs were not returned by the API (#40567, #40645)

* CloudReady - Bug fix on display of specific containerization blockers (#40574, #40271)

* Remove % symbol in Green Impact scores for Snapshot Comparison view

* Custom Dashboards - Fix on datatable for Custom Dashboards (#40614)


* API - Message is returned when trying to create an app above the app limit, when the option is turned on at the company level. (#34055)


CAST Highlight 5.4.66

Release Date: March 4th 2023

* SCA - Path to dependency files where a component has been detected is now available (for new scans with 5.4.66 or above) (#34847)

* SCA - Raw name of popular components is now extracted for better SCA component matching


CAST Highlight 5.4.65

Release Date: February 25th 202

* Portfolio Advisors - Indicate in the UI when a segment has been manually changed for an application

* Platform - Display and enforce max application limit for a given portfolio

* SCA - Fix detection of not completed component sync with SCA (#40365)

* CloudReady - Fixed documentation URLs for some Google Cloud boosters


CAST Highlight 5.4.64

Release Date: February 18th 2023

* Portfolio Advisor for Cloud - Revised configuration for Refactor and Rearchitect segments

* SCA - Proprietary Components - Added a link to the product article

* Command Line - Bug fix on some CSV headers which were not utf8-encoded


* Green Software - Added PHP and Python Green Effort profiles

* Benchmark - Added Open Source Safety metrics in benchmark json export

* Migration script for on-prem: Update Metric in database before adding Green Survey & segmentation conf

* - Update labels and add link to component proprietary doc

- remove old "type" column on application's components EXCEL export

- add component proprietary type to BOM export

* [CloudReady] Fix bug of editing APPLI SECTION in cloudready csv + add & improve bin/code/Mix views after parsing XML files


CAST Highlight 5.4.63

Release Date: February 11th 2023

* Green Software - PHP and Python technologies added to support for Green Software insights

* SCA - Enhanced features on dependencies at both portfolio and application level

* SCA - CycloneDX BOM export is now 1.4 version

* SCA - Improved support of build.gradle for specific syntaxes (#39950)

* Platform - Allow SCA or Cloud results to be processed without Health results

* Trends - Added Component Security to TRENDS dashboard at the portfolio level


CAST Highlight 5.4.62

Release Date: February 4th 2023

* CLI and Local Agent now run on Perl distribution

* Improved performance of JavaScript analyzer for processing "node_modules" dependency filtering

* Snapshot Comparison - CVEs now displays 0 instead of N/A (#39952)

* Updated Green Impact segmentation configuration (formula adjustment of the Rising Stars segment)

* Green Impact - Removed duplicate application data table at the portfolio level


* Upgraded Docker CLI image to a safer image


CAST Highlight 5.4.61

Release Date: January 28th 2023

* SCA - Improved component comparison view with CVE detailed information

* TypeScript/JavaScript - Support of .tsx and .jsx with HTML (ignored) tags (#39755)

* Technical Debt estimate - Revised effort per occurrence for Avoid using "this" for JavaScript and TypeScript (from 15 to 2 minutes)

Support Ticket : Issue fixed in bulk import/export excel (#39881)


CAST Highlight 5.4.59

Release Date: January 21st 2023

* SCA Component Compare at application level - Compare SCA component differences between two application snapshots

* VB/VB.Net - Optimization of the analyzer on specific syntaxes for better performance (#39793)

* CloudReady - Detailed logs for Visual Studio Code CloudReady extension now include boosters

* JavaScript/TypeScript - Improvement of "Avoid this" pattern

* Benchmark scores are displayed according to the version of the analyzer model (#39832)


CAST Highlight 5.4.58

Release Date: January 14th 2023

* Code Insights - Bug fix of preventing code insights to be displayed when the technology score is 0 (#39468)

* VB/VB.Net - Bug fix on a specific syntax that was making the analyzer loop (#39710)

* Minor changes on Green Impact + label update

* Portfolio Management - Fixed issues on user create / delete reinvite

* Administrator is now a user role which allows to have multiple administrators with same privileges


CAST Highlight 5.4.57

Release Date: January 11th 2023

* Discussion Thread - Green Impact added to the list of possible discussion threads

* Snapshot Comparison - Bug fix due to Green Impact feature

* CLI/Docker - Fixed result CSV headers which was preventing uploads in some cases (#39640)


CAST Highlight 5.4.56

Release Date: January 7th 2023

* Analyzers - 21 new patterns for estimating the Green Impact of an application

* Green Impact - New indicator available when the feature is active for a given company portfolio

* Portfolio Advisor for Green - Dedicated configuration for segmenting an application portfolio based on Green Impact insights

* Custom Dashboards - Addition of Green Impact insights to some Custom Dashboard elements (tiles, result table, bubble chart)

* API - Addition of Green Impact insights to application results (WS2/domains/{domainId}/applications/{applicationId}

* Green Impact - Documentation of the Green Deficiencies (i.e. patterns)


* Green Result CSV files are ignored once uploaded if the company hasn't the Green feature option



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