CAST HIGHLIGHT - Release Notes

CAST Highlight upgrade notes (June 3rd 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.83
Release Date: June 3rd 2023
* Custom Dashboards - Add milestones (Continuous Improvement Tracker feature) as a possible widget of a custom dashboard
* CLI - Docker Image Scanning feature doesn't require to expose daemon on tcp://localhost:2375 without TLS anymore
* ASP.Net new model and analyzer bug fixes - This could lead to score differences between two scans
CAST Highlight upgrade notes (May 27th 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.82
Release Date: May 27th 2023
* SCA - Word BOM now includes a license rulebook overview based on detected licenses (HLFR-276)
* CloudReady - Support of Ruby (25+ patterns) -
* CloudReady - Azure Spring Apps and Azure Container Apps are now part of the automated Cloud service recommendations for Azure
* CLI - Improvement of the CLI and portal for supporting parallel scans (HLFR-294)
* SCA - Proprietary Component Governance - Fixed application count for a given component when used in multiple versions (#41688)
CAST Highlight upgrade notes (May 20th 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.81
Release Date: May 20th 2023
* CloudReady - Cloud service recommendations can now be manually added to an application result
* CloudReady - Improved Cloud Services recommendations for Azure (Azure Spring Apps, Azure SQL for PostreSQL)
* XML Export - Fixed Software Health metric (#41666)
* SCA - C# - Detected component version should be overriden by HintPath version if present (#39938)
* SCA - Fixed issue on component exclusion if it was linked to an archived application (#41573)
* SCA - BOM importing - Fixed CycloneDX importing feature when import is done from a subdomain Portfolio Manager
CAST Highlight upgrade notes (May 13th 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.80
Release Date: May 13th 2023

* SCA - Improvement of the BOM Importing feature (in case of dual-licensed component, retain the one from the CycloneDX BOM)

* Bug Fix - CSV result export was including all snapshots of applications (#41479)

CAST Highlight upgrade notes (May 6th 2023)
CAST Highlight 5.4.79
Release Date: May 6th 2023
* Define a custom dashboard as the user's homepage
* SCA - Support of Swift's package.swift and package.resolved for dependency extraction (HLFR-297)
* JavaScript - Support of recent syntaxes to improve accuracy of some Code Insights
* JavaScript - Improved code insight on missing semi-colons (#41055)
* SCA - Python fix for supporting trailing comments in requirements.txt
* SCA - Label update of the BOM Importing feature
* Cloud Service Recommendations - Fix on survey answer not displayed when it triggers a recommendation
CAST Highlight upgrade notes 
CAST Highlight 5.4.78
Release Date: April 29th 2023

* CLI and portal modifications to better support simultaneous scan uploads from the same user (#39292)

* Bubble charts - Display application names by default (HLFR-286)

* Cloud Service recommendations - Now support survey answers by using clientRef attributes

* Minor label fixes in the Continuous Improvement Tracker feature

CAST Highlight upgrade notes (all platforms)
CAST Highlight 5.4.77
Release Date: April 25th 2023
* Bug fix of a UI component which was preventing Code Insights and Custom Indicators to display properly (#41366)



CAST Highlight upgrade notes (all platforms)
CAST Highlight 5.4.75
Release Date: April 22nd 2023
* SCA - SBOM importing capability (beta) - Requires the feature to be turned on by CAST
* ASP.Net technology support for Software Health (C# and VB.Net code insights calculated when applicable)
* CLI - The command line is now able to scan local and distant Docker images * Custom Dashboards - Improvement of business rules related to Custom Dashboards visibility and company sharing based on user role and domains - #41226
* SAML - Bug fix which was preventing a SAML user to activate the user account when SMTP server was not configured (on-prem) - #41211
* Discussion Threads - Bug fix - Email notifications were not sent for notified people
Visual Studio Code extension for CloudReady (1.0.4)
March 17 2023
We just released v1.0.4 of the Visual Studio Code extension for 2601_cloud CloudReady. It adds support for Go applications.
CAST Highlight CloudReady Extension for Visual Studio Code - Visual Studio Marketplace
Extension for Visual Studio Code - CAST Highlight CloudReady Extension for Visual Studio Code
CAST Highlight 5.4.73
Release Date: April 15th 2023
* Go technology support for CloudReady
* Portfolio Advisor for Software Maintenance: Result export is now available
* Portfolio Management - Legacy screen has been decommissioned (feature focus:
* SCA - filter results by ignoring "filename" rows from frameworks.validated.csv (component detection based on file names e.g., jquery-1.2.3.min.js)
* CLI - Removed some constraints which were blocking result upload when the CLI version was in older version than the portal (HL-2350)

CAST Highlight 5.4.68
Release Date: March 18th 2023
* Green Software Insights - Added Green Impact scores in the benchmark feature
* CloudReady - Cloud details are now available for COBOL (blocker occurrence positions)
* Custom Segmentation - Software Maintenance metrics (recorded/recommended) can now be used in custom segmentations



Visual Studio Code extension for Green Impact (1.0.2)
March 11th 2023
We just released v.1.0.2 of the Visual Studio Code extension for fallingleaf​ Green Impact. This extension uses the same user authentication than the CloudReady extension for Visual Studio Code, so no need to register again if you already have a user account.

CAST Highlight 5.4.67

Release Date: March 11th 2023

* SCA - Support of lockFiles v3 for dependency extraction (#40669, #40446, #40005)

* SCA - Improvement of Gradle/Kotlin support (some build.gradle.kts syntax were not supported for dependency extraction) (#40428)

* SCA - Fixed X-axis on Components > Distinct Versions chart which was not numerically sorted (#39924)

* SCA - Removal of CVE false positives (apache solr, commons-net, swagger) (#40563)

* SCA/API - Gitlab CVEs were not returned by the API (#40567, #40645)

* CloudReady - Bug fix on display of specific containerization blockers (#40574, #40271)

* Remove % symbol in Green Impact scores for Snapshot Comparison view

* Custom Dashboards - Fix on datatable for Custom Dashboards (#40614)


* API - Message is returned when trying to create an app above the app limit, when the option is turned on at the company level. (#34055)



CAST Highlight 5.4.66

Release Date: March 4th 2023

* SCA - Path to dependency files where a component has been detected is now available (for new scans with 5.4.66 or above) (#34847)

* SCA - Raw name of popular components is now extracted for better SCA component matching



CAST Highlight 5.4.65

Release Date: February 25th 202

* Portfolio Advisors - Indicate in the UI when a segment has been manually changed for an application

* Platform - Display and enforce max application limit for a given portfolio

* SCA - Fix detection of not completed component sync with SCA (#40365)

* CloudReady - Fixed documentation URLs for some Google Cloud boosters



CAST Highlight 5.4.64

Release Date: February 18th 2023

* Portfolio Advisor for Cloud - Revised configuration for Refactor and Rearchitect segments

* SCA - Proprietary Components - Added a link to the product article

* Command Line - Bug fix on some CSV headers which were not utf8-encoded


* Green Software - Added PHP and Python Green Effort profiles

* Benchmark - Added Open Source Safety metrics in benchmark json export

* Migration script for on-prem: Update Metric in database before adding Green Survey & segmentation conf

* - Update labels and add link to component proprietary doc

- remove old "type" column on application's components EXCEL export

- add component proprietary type to BOM export

* [CloudReady] Fix bug of editing APPLI SECTION in cloudready csv + add & improve bin/code/Mix views after parsing XML files



CAST Highlight 5.4.63

Release Date: February 11th 2023

* Green Software - PHP and Python technologies added to support for Green Software insights

* SCA - Enhanced features on dependencies at both portfolio and application level

* SCA - CycloneDX BOM export is now 1.4 version

* SCA - Improved support of build.gradle for specific syntaxes (#39950)

* Platform - Allow SCA or Cloud results to be processed without Health results

* Trends - Added Component Security to TRENDS dashboard at the portfolio level



CAST Highlight 5.4.62

Release Date: February 4th 2023

* CLI and Local Agent now run on Perl distribution

* Improved performance of JavaScript analyzer for processing "node_modules" dependency filtering

* Snapshot Comparison - CVEs now displays 0 instead of N/A (#39952)

* Updated Green Impact segmentation configuration (formula adjustment of the Rising Stars segment)

* Green Impact - Removed duplicate application data table at the portfolio level


* Upgraded Docker CLI image to a safer image



CAST Highlight 5.4.61

Release Date: January 28th 2023

* SCA - Improved component comparison view with CVE detailed information

* TypeScript/JavaScript - Support of .tsx and .jsx with HTML (ignored) tags (#39755)

* Technical Debt estimate - Revised effort per occurrence for Avoid using "this" for JavaScript and TypeScript (from 15 to 2 minutes)

Support Ticket : Issue fixed in bulk import/export excel (#39881)



CAST Highlight 5.4.59

Release Date: January 21st 2023

* SCA Component Compare at application level - Compare SCA component differences between two application snapshots

* VB/VB.Net - Optimization of the analyzer on specific syntaxes for better performance (#39793)

* CloudReady - Detailed logs for Visual Studio Code CloudReady extension now include boosters

* JavaScript/TypeScript - Improvement of "Avoid this" pattern

* Benchmark scores are displayed according to the version of the analyzer model (#39832)



CAST Highlight 5.4.58

Release Date: January 14th 2023

* Code Insights - Bug fix of preventing code insights to be displayed when the technology score is 0 (#39468)

* VB/VB.Net - Bug fix on a specific syntax that was making the analyzer loop (#39710)

* Minor changes on Green Impact + label update

* Portfolio Management - Fixed issues on user create / delete reinvite

* Administrator is now a user role which allows to have multiple administrators with same privileges



CAST Highlight 5.4.57

Release Date: January 11th 2023

* Discussion Thread - Green Impact added to the list of possible discussion threads

* Snapshot Comparison - Bug fix due to Green Impact feature

* CLI/Docker - Fixed result CSV headers which was preventing uploads in some cases (#39640)



CAST Highlight 5.4.56

Release Date: January 7th 2023

* Analyzers - 21 new patterns for estimating the Green Impact of an application

* Green Impact - New indicator available when the feature is active for a given company portfolio

* Portfolio Advisor for Green - Dedicated configuration for segmenting an application portfolio based on Green Impact insights

* Custom Dashboards - Addition of Green Impact insights to some Custom Dashboard elements (tiles, result table, bubble chart)

* API - Addition of Green Impact insights to application results (WS2/domains/{domainId}/applications/{applicationId}

* Green Impact - Documentation of the Green Deficiencies (i.e. patterns)


* Green Result CSV files are ignored once uploaded if the company hasn't the Green feature option



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