CAST Imaging - Configuration process - Import the application - Fatal error - Failed to get Status

This page helps you to resolve the import issue with Imaging system.






8.3 (tick)






CSS (tick)




Imaging version Yes/No
2.x (tick)



Step by Step scenario

  1. Try to run the import feature in Imaging
  2. Observe the error


Action Plan

If the import fails in Imaging with above error then please note the below points:

  1. Please make sure Neo4j service is up and running in Services window.
  2. If Neo4j service is not running then, please make sure required version of jdk is installed properly in your machine and then reinstall the Imaging. Please refer Prerequisites for CAST Imaging and Installation and update process 
  3. If the above steps do not solve your issue contact CAST Technical Support. with the below relevant input Relevant input 


Relevant input


Ticket # 17716




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