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CAST Imaging 2.15-Beta2 Release

Release Date: 06 Jan 2023

We are happy to announce one more beta release for Imaging - Imaging 2.15-Beta2, giving you the chance to test out the next additions and enhancements.

We look forward to your insightful feedback and suggestions for the new features and improvements as they will enable us to offer a better customer experience.

Please share your feedback here: Feedback

New Features:

Insights for your application objects (Structural Flaws/Cloud Ready Blockers/Containerization Blockers)

The Legends panel now includes a new tab called "Insights," which allows users to view an object's critical violations, Cloud ready blockers, and so on. When a specific type of insight is selected, the objects in the view having these insights are highlighted. Selecting the highlighted objects will then display information about the object's specific flaw or blockers.

Prerequisites: Reference
In order to view this information, the following prerequisites exist:
Structural Flaws - these are essentially Critical Violations identified during a snapshot, therefore, to see them:

A corresponding license for CAST Dashboards is required
A snapshot will need to have been run

CloudReady Blockers and Containerization Blockers - this information is determined by CAST Highlight, therefore the application must be:
Analyzed with CAST Console ≥ 2.4 (and fields in Administration Center - Settings - Highlight Settings)Analyzed with the extension com.castsoftware.highlight2mri 

Note: In all cases, the application will ALSO need to be re-imported into CAST Imaging.

Config Centre - Manage Application Level-5 nodes
A new feature called "Config Centre" has been added (available to users with the admin or architect roles) that allows you to hide/unhide nodes available in level 5 - for example, nodes that you may not be interested in, or that are isolated and provide no value. Tenants and associated applications can be selected in the Config Centre, and then the corresponding level-5 nodes of the selected application are listed and can be shown/hidden individually or in group/s. After performing the action (hide), the nodes will no longer be visible in the view for all users, and this applies to levels 1 through 4.

Feature Enhancements:

  • The zoom level set by users in the view is now maintained and reflected in the "vignette" as well as the main view on drilling down and closing the objects/sub-objects view.
  • The existing Show Callees and Show Path options on the view have been renamed Highlight Callee and Highlight Path and moved to the right click contextual menu. In addition, a new option called Highlight Caller has been added to the contextual menu alongside the other two options. These three options are available in Imaging on all scopes and levels.
  • An icon/badge is now displayed on objects or nodes to indicate that an annotation is associated with the object.
  • Custom aggregation search has been enhanced so that you can now search for multiple objects at the same time.

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Docker Images (Tag - 2.15.0-beta2)

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