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CAST Imaging - 2.13 Release

Release Date: 11 Oct 2022
We are happy to announce the new release of CAST Imaging - 2.13 -funcrel

Technology Classification Enhancements:

  • Message Queue classification per vendor/technology/publisher/subscriber
  • Mainframe Utilities are classified as part of external objects
  • AWS Classification available per service as well as per technology
  • EJB Classes + EJB Interfaces are classified as part of Java Communication
  • Improvements for .NET external Libraries

Feature Enhancements:

  • New welcome page design that is more user-friendly and provides information for each view to which the user navigates from the welcome page.
  • User can now drill using "Children only, group by communities" or "Children only" found in the context menu or "Drill mode options" in Transactions or Data Call Graph (DCG) scope.
  • Improved Search Feature: The search boxes used in various CAST Imaging features, such as Global Search, Add Linked Objects, Path Finder, Custom Scope, Searching for Saved Views, and so on, have now been standardized throughout.
  • Document-It documents are now available in a new tab in the right-hand panel (previously they were listed in the view itself) and with a new search option (documents can be searched by title, description, and/or tags). This helps the user quickly identify the documents linked with nodes and also highlight the documents associated with a node.
  • The Call Hierarchy feature appears in the right-click contextual menu at the Objects level.
  • To indicate other associated applications, a badge has been added to objects at the Object level (in any scope). Clicking the object (with the badge) displays the applications to which the object belongs (in the right-hand panel), and selecting an application loads the Application-to-Application Dependencies view.
  • In the global search panel, users can now download a list of selected objects. The download button is only visible to the user if the "Object Export" preference is enabled. 

Admin Centre:

  • In the App the -to-App Dependencies tile, following tabs: "Applications," "Rule's App linkages," and "Rules definition" are now available by default. This allows the user to make changes to the rules even when links are not displayed. 
  • A new column called "Version" has been added to the Application Management panel. This column displays the version name as defined in CAST Console when the application was analysed.
  • A new "Landing Page" option has been added to Admin > Preferences. You can select the default application landing page for each Application using this option (either the Welcome Page or to the application Investigation Menu).
  • A new option "Welcome Guide" has been added to the admin > Preferences menu. Enabling the Welcome Guide option displays a detailed description of the currently selected view.
  • It is now possible to bulk import documents and/or tags into CAST Imaging using a .CSV file and an option has been added to the Application Management panel in the Admin Centre called "Link docs". Enabling it (disabled by default) will ensure that any object Documents that have been added to specific objects for a module will be made available in the right-hand panel (Documents tab) when using the Aggregated by > Modules scope. Refer to Admin Center - Bulk importing documents or tags via .CSV file  NOTE: This feature is supported only for Aggregated by > Modules scope.

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Docker Images (Tag - 2.13.1)

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