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CAST Imaging - Console 2.5.0 Release

Release Date: 10 Oct 2022


We are happy to announce the new release of CAST Imaging - Console 2.5.0-funcrel


In this version, we continued to improve the new "onboarding" feature to make it easier and more efficient to extract intelligence from applications. Among the improvements (there are many!), we have: 

  • The redesign of the Overview page
  • The application size that is now only displayed as a number of Lines of Code
  • The software composition section that inform the user on how a technology is supported
  • The direct access to Application Map in CAST Imaging
  • The capacity to exclude individual files
  • The possibility to deliver new source code for a rescan
  • The possibility to re-discover the code (fast scan) after exclusion changes or data update

In the Architecture Studio, when user checks a model, he can now see the object types that are matched by a layer. They are now displayed to help validating selection criteria and results. 

In the Extension strategy section of the Admin Center, a new slider has been added to control whether User Community and Labs extensions are made available for installation. 

Based on the feedback we received, the User Interface has been improved to provide a better experience: 

  • It is now possible to apply the same action on a selection of items, like removing snapshots, activating/deactivating Analysis Units, changing the domains of applications, ... 
  • In the Application management page, you can now pin your favorite applications to the top of the page 
  • New "Discovered" and "publish" filters have been added to the header of the Applications management page

And much more! 


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