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CAST Imaging - 2.12.0 Release

Release Date: 25 Aug 2022

We are happy to announce the new release - Imaging 2.12.0-funcrel

What’s new:

  • Welcome page - An initial version of a new page has been added to assist new users in exploring imaging features. By default, users will see the new insight page when they log in and select an application.
  • Scope of Callers/Callees – The user has the option of limiting the scope of callers/callees to the current selected level (Transaction/Data Call Graph/Modules/Architecture layer/Services) or to the Application level.


  • We have improved the Insert feature (Text and Shape) to provide a better user experience.
    Text inserts can now be styled (bold, italics and underlined), coloured and sized.
    A circle (as well as a rectangle) can now be added as a shape, and the fill colour and border colour can be customized.
  • It should be possible to double-click on nodes in Level-4, relationships for Transactions/Data Call Graph/Services/Modules/Architecture layer scope.
  • A new "Expand all" option has been added to grouped nodes (depicted as pentagons).
  • When the "Children + caller/callee, group by communities" option is activated, the nodes grouped by caller/callee community are now identified with an additional "community" badge.
  • We have now enabled the "Save view" functionality when using the App-to-App dependencies. Like standard application views, users may save and update views along with text and shapes.
  • Path Finder search has been improved, and "search for object type" now only displays objects with relevant paths.
  • Call Hierarchy option has been added and allows user to trace the call hierarchy for a selected object
  • In Transaction views, Levels 4 and 5 will have a reduced call graph rather than a full call graph.
  • A column called "Object File Name" has been added to all Objects Reports fetching the object file name information.
  • A new column entitled "Import Logs" will be available in the Applications panel in the Admin Centre allowing users to download the log files related to the process of importing the application data into CAST Imaging
  • For Module, Architecture, and Service scopes, a new popup message, "You are currently viewing all the sub-objects in the application for the selected object," is now displayed after drilling down to the sub-objects level (i.e., double-clicking an object at the Object level). This is done to ensure that users are aware that the selected object has no further sub-objects.

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