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AIP Console 2.4.0-funcrel is released

Release Date: July 22nd 2022

The Product team is happy to announce the release of CAST Console 2.4.0. Enterprise / Standalone editions. This version mainly provides improvements for existing features, based on the feedback we received from users.
You can download these version with the below links :
CAST Console 2.4.0 Enterprise edition
CAST Console 2.4.0 Standalon edition
Automation tool for Console 2.4.0


What's new

Console Standalone > Dashboards installer
For those installing Console in Standalone mode using the Java JAR installers, a Java JAR installer is now provided for the deployment of the integrated RestAPI for the embedded CAST Dashboards. See


Admin Center > Application > Node > Select a specific node
You can choose a specific Node to process any jobs (analysis etc.) for your application. You can refer to the documentation for more detail : Application Details > Node.

Admin Center > Application > Backups
When backuping an application in the Admin Center, the Snapshot indicator records are included. Refer to Backing up an Application and Admin Center > Application Details for more details.

Architecture Studio - Conversion of Layers and Sets
It is now possible to convert an existing Layer to a Set and an existing Set to a Layer via the "Convert to X" menu option in the left hand panel of the model editor. Note that dependencies will be lost when this is actioned. See Architecture Studio > Model editor - layer sets.

Exclusion Rules - Managing rules via XML configuration file
Project Exclusion Rules for discoverers can be managed via an XML configuration file provided on each Node. Rules can be enabled or disabled as required. For more details, see Managing Project Exclusion Rules.

I invite you to navigate inthe Release Notes to get more details and to visit the documentation Documentation - CAST Console 2 to familiarize yourself with the Console 2 and the new features.

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