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CAST Imaging - 2.11 release

Release Date: July 8th 2022
What's new
  • AWS built-in classification
  • Classification of .NET external libraries (
  • Legends classification of non external / external objects
  • Transaction/Data call graph simplification by removing Input and Output nodes (fake nodes)
  • more characters available to display labels for node
  • Username + date displayed for saved views
  • Text & Shape improvement
  • Search options managed in Preferences and case insensitive activated by default
  • Undo on delete node action (from search view)
  • No empty page opened when double clicking on a node without children
  • on Huge node drill-down. options to search and select a sub part of the content
  • FrontEnd improvement to render huge amount of nodes in a view (use of WebGL javscript API), zoom in/out going faster
  • Random colors on Level 1 node for views like Module, Architecture Model, Service, Custom aggregation views

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