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CAST Imaging - 2.9 release

Product team is happy to announce CAST Imaging 2.9 release.
Release Date: March 18th 2022
What's new:
  • Search by properties : more capabilities to search objects based on their properties, status, complexity, size to identify a scope of components to refactor.
  • Show callees, Show path : when a call graph is displayed in a view, somtimes, it is complicated to highlight a path or linked objects from a visualization perspective. It is now easy to do, identify an object, show callees. when all your objects are selected, you can group, move to custom graph view, etc
  • Legends component has been redesigned with new capabilities like highlight capability of objects displayed based on tags or properties like external. For information, this component will continue to be redesigned to better manager, legends, properties and source code
  • Path Finder (beta mode). A first algorithm has been implemented to calculate a shortest path between 2 objects of the application. This feature needs to be tested from a functional and performance perspective. Don't hesitate to contact me to get more details or to share feedback.
Feature Improvements:
  • Note that we now import modules configuration into CAST Imaging ONLY if module have been configured manually. we don't import automatic configuration of modules
  • To simplify the flow, objects can be pushed to Custom aggregation view even if there are published which was not possible before.
  • in the same way, if you want to push objects to new node in an existing custom aggregation view, you can ask to automatically remove duplication of objects from existing nodes in the view. you will not have shared objects and then you can see adherence from your new created node with the rest of the application.
  • Add linked objects improvement : it is now possible to filter objects based on tags and you can more flexibility to search based on scope of parameters or not in the scope of parameters (not in)
  • Few tips like shortcuts have been added to display source code (alt+S) or properties (alt+P) from an object, show fullname when doing internal search, escalated links represented as dashed lines, save as option
and other bug fixes...

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