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CAST Dashboards 2.5 release

Product team is happy to announce CAST Dashboards 2.5 release
Release Date: January 11th 2022
What's new:
  • Support of new license key : A new license policy is now available for CAST Dashboards. If your contract is based on old license model. you can continue to to use it. if your contract is based on the new license policy, do not hesitate to update your license key.
  • New installer : A new executable JAR file (to replace the .ZIP files shipped in releases 2.0 - 2.4) is now provided in the install media along with the traditional WAR file. This executable JAR file implements a wizard installer to simplify the deployment process
  • ISO-5055 is now displayed based on compliance to avoid confusion with CAST AIP assessment model results in Health Dashboard.


Feature Improvements
  • Option to encrypt the CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL and/or LDAP username/password individually.
  • New defaults Reports are added in Engineering Dashboard to Standard Compliance reports list.
  • SAML user/ group can be added from UI.
  • In Engineering dashboard, ISO-5055 tile will be automatically hidden if ISO extension is not installed
  • in Health dashboard, ISO-5055 view will be automatically hidden if ISO extension is not installed



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