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CAST Imaging - 2.8 release

Product team is happy to announce CAST Imaging 2.8 release.
Release Date: January 13th 2022
What's new:
  • Support of new license key : A new license policy is now available in CAST Imaging. If your contract is based on old license model. you can continue to to use it. if your contract is based on the new license policy, do not hesitate to update your license key. 
  • App to App dependencies view scope :
    • Orphans feature. A new right click contextual menu option has been introduced called "View orphans". Orphans are potential App-to-App objects, which are not linked to any other App-to-App objects.
    • External libraries. External Library in an Application can be viewed in the App to App Dependencies view using the right click contextual menu in order to identify adherence of a component regarding multiple applications.
    • Export action : now it is possible to select more than two applications and then export those specific details to CSV/JSON/XML. Previously the number of applications was limited to 2
    • Tags: Tags can now be associated to an Application in the App to App Dependencies scope. Application Tags can also now be used as search terms when performing an application search
  • App Insight : a new panel is accessible from the toolbar (header). This panel provides an overview of the current application and provides direct links to specific views which can help kick-start the investigation process.
Feature Improvements:
  • New UI For Transactions and Data Call graph filters.
  • Objects Search Filter can be now configured in Preferences to set default options for all Application search.
  • Preferences dialog UI has been redesigned

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