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AIP Console 1.27.0 funcrel is now available on CAST Extend

We are pleased to announce that AIP Console 1.27.0 funcrel has been released and is available on the CAST Extend portal! 

Important notice: please have a look at that page to know how CAST mitigates the Apache Log4j threat: Apache Log4j - CVE vulnerabilities

There are lots of changes on various topics in that version and notable ones are: 

More valuable information are now available to support the analysis validation: 

  • Once an application has been analyzed, the Overview page provides a new table showing the number of files that have been processed or not. 

The UX of Architecture Studio has been improved according to the user feedback: 

  • It is now possible to add MemberOf and ExcludedFrom relations to multiple sets and layers in one go. 
  • The usability of the selection criteria panel has been increased to make criteria definition easier. 

The "Rapid Delivery Mode" has been enhanced with: 

  • The addition of the Exception panel. 
  • More capacities related to source code delivery. 

Regarding the technology support: 

  • AIP Console is now able to detect Kotlin projects built with Gradle. 
  • PeopleSoft and Siebel are now supported. 

Storage and backup: 

  • When AIP Node is working with AIP Core 8.3.40, it is now possible to connect to a custom PostgreSQL database. 
  • You can specify the elements to be saved when you backup an application: the db schema, the delivery folder, both. 

and much more!
To find out more, visit the Release Notes

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