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AIP Console 1.26.0 funcrel is now available on CAST Extend

We are pleased to announce that AIP Console 1.26.0 funcrel has been released and is available on the CAST Extend portal!

There are lots of changes on various topics in that version and notable ones are:

CAST Imaging integration

  • An API Key is now required to integrate with CAST Imaging for automatic application data upload.
  • - A new option has been added to synchronize domains with CAST Imaging tenants.

Data sensitivity

  • The Data Safety objectives activated when adding a new version now allows to select keywords templates to identify GDPR- and PCI-sensitive objects. This information can be then consumed in Architecture Studio and Imaging.

Source code delivery

  • A new rapid delivery mode has been implemented to reduce both the number of times a version's source code is copied and the amount of disk storage required for a given application.

Architecture Studio

  • When designing a set in QR models, a new relation can now be used in its selection criteria to consider the number of objects captured by another set.

Technologies support

  • Packaging and analysis options have been reviewed to better manage .NET Assemblies.
  • Dependency to SQL is now automatically set for RPG.
  • The Mainframe Analyzer extension will automatically be downloaded and installed replacing the Mainframe Analyzer embedded in AIP Core.


  • We started to revisit the log viewer for improving its usability.
  • Error and Warning messages produced by analyzers are displayed in Summary section with id, description, and remediation.

Embedded CAST Dashboard

  • The new version of AIP Console has been upgraded to Engineering Dashboard and Health Dashboard version 2.2.1 funcrel.
  • It is no longer necessary to provide a license key file when using CAST Dashboards embedded in AIP Console.

and much more!

To find out more, visit the Release Notes!


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