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AIP Console 1.25.0 funcrel is now available on CAST Extend

We are pleased to announce that AIP Console 1.25.0 funcrel has been released and is available on the CAST Extend portal!
Notable changes in that version are:
  • In application's Overview page, the Technology treemap has been improved and it is now possible to select the snapshot indicators to be computed and displayed (activation/deactivation is done in the Admin Center). 
  • It is possible to define the Working Folders to be used when analyzing a mainframe application
  • The Reference Finder screens have been reviewed to increase their usability and it is now possible to define replacement patterns and check the rules out of the editor. 
  • The "exclusion" feature in Enhancement measure has been ported in the Function Points/Enhancement page. Thus, the operator can see the details for enhanced transactions and select the objets that must not be taken in account in the measurement. 
  • The Application page in the Admin Center has been redesigned to make the application management more efficient. In addition to that, it is now possible to upgrade several applications at a time instead of a single one. 
  • AIP Console better integrates with the Extend tool and the new version of the dashboards Rest API that no longer require tools like Tomcat and therefore that is easier to install and configure. 
  • and much more!
To find out more, visit the Release Notes!

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