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CAST Architecture Checker/QR 1.0.0 has been released

The first version of Architecture Checker/QR is live!

It is delivered as a standalone component that does not require to have CAST AIP installed.

You can download Architecture Checker/QR 1.0.0 from the CAST Extend portal:

Architecture Checker/QR 1.0.0 is installed with its own Setup and is delivered within a separate folder that only contains required files.

User Interface has been refreshed with new icons: 

When checking architecture models against an application, you can now see if links corresponding to dependencies or violations are Dynamic Links or not, and, in case of DL, you can see the status (not reviewed or validated).

With this new version of Architecture Checker you can design Quality Rules for CAST AIP Assessment Model via a new type of model. This one allows you to:

  • define Scope and Violations sets
  • document your Quality Rules
  • specify Assessment Model attributes (TC, weight, critical)

Quality Rules can be exported to be injected into AIP Management Service or packaged for upload onto CAST Extend. 


Try it now! ... and send your feedback to Product Team, of course!


Jérôme Chiampi, Product Manager, Software Intelligence Consumption (SIC)



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