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New Release Announcement - Dashboard Package 1.10

                                                                        New Features

Module Trending in Health Dashboard

Users now have the ability to see the trending of various metrics for a given module on the “Trends” page. The functionality provides a module selector dropdown for users to select a particular module and see the trending for the given Module.

The Module Trending is available for the following –

  • Size Indicators
  • Health Measures
  • Best practices

For documentation, please click here.

Enhanced navigation and filtering option for Dashboard Reports-

We have included navigation and filtering capability to the various miscellaneous reports.

The miscellaneous reports are now filterable by specific Health Measures and navigation enables users to probe deeper by navigating to the relevant rule/violation pages.

For documentation, please click here.

Deleted Module visibility in Engineering Dashboard -

It is now possible to view data for modules that existed in the previous snapshot but have been deleted from the current snapshot.

The deleted module information is enabled in the Module selector drop down when looking at a previous snapshot (previously, deleted modules were listed in the Module selector drop down but were greyed out and could not be accessed).

For documentation, please click here.

Atlassian JIRA Integration (Alpha Version) -

The CAST Engineering Dashboard introduces the Atlassian JIRA integration that allows JIRA ticket creation, directly from the Action Plan page of the CAST Engineering Dashboard.

More specifically, users can select one or multiple violations on the Action Plan view and choose to create one/multiple Jira ticket(s) for the same. The feature enables users to see the ticket number on the Action Plan table and navigate to the corresponding JIRA page.

The feature also includes bulk ticket generation capability.

Note – The JIRA integration has been released as an Alpha version as the current feature does not address all possible use cases and going forward we intend to improve on that. Also, we wish to validate some of our opportunity hypotheses with our key customers with this version of the feature.

Thus, by default in 1.10.0, this feature is not active and therefore requires configuration before it can be used. 

For documentation, please click here.

Chinese Language locale is now available by default

All dashboard interface text has now been fully translated into Chinese (zh_CN) and will be available by default with the Dashboard package, going forward.

This means that users can select the Chinese language "out of the box" and all items will now be displayed in the target language by default. 

For documentation, please click here.

Custom report generation in various format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

The 1.9.x release of the CAST Engineering Dashboard introduced the notion of report generation direct from the dashboard interface. The earlier version allowed users to download only MS word reports.

The current version enhances on the capability and enables users to download custom reports in MS PowerPoint and MS Excel format.

For documentation, please click here.

Useful Links - 

Release notes

Product Center page

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