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AIP Console 1.23.0 funcrel is now available on CAST Extend

We are happy to announce that AIP Console 1.23.0 funcrel has been released and is available on the CAST Extend portal!

Notable points in that version are:
  • Support for Visual Basic.
  • We introduced the Share Assessment Model Settings. It is a beta version and we need feedback on this.
  • We also introduced the Simplified Delivery Mode.
  • The Reference Finder, introduced in previous version (and still in beta), has been significantly improved, in terms of features as well as usability. Continue to share feedback.
  • It is now possible to check an architecture model against a single transaction.
  • In that version, you can design QR models by reusing Assessment Model predefined scopes.
  • and much more!
To find out more, visit the Release Notes!

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