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New Release Announcement - Dashboard package 1.20

Release date – 8th Sep 2020

New Features

Engineering Dashboard –

  • Introducing Action plan Recommendation (Beta) - A feature that allows users to define the health improvement goals and an optimization algorithm that recommends the optimized set of violations required to be fixed to reach the goal. 
  • Risk Investigation for Industry standards updates - Critical violation filter is disabled for industry standards. Thus, when users land onto the Risk investigation view by clicking on Industry standards or are redirected from the Health dashboard, users will find critical violations filters disabled, as the industry standards do not define critical/non-critical rules. 
  • Improvement in Architecture Model View - The look and feel of the architecture model view have been changed. Users now can navigate to the violations section, by clicking on the red arrows visible in the Architecture Model. Full-screen, Re-center, zoom in, and zoom out options are added to the Architecture Model View.
Health Dashboard –
  • OMG Technical Debt - The OMG Technical Debt tile and the related pages are now completely configurable. Customers can add/remove them based on their needs. 

Resolved Issues – 

Internal Id Ticket Id Summary Affect(s) version
DASHBOARDS-2203 22904 Incorrect Authentication Error Message displayed when LDAP Server is inaccessible or down 1.16
DASHBOARDS-2642 - ED: Excel export option is not displaying in the Action Plan view 1.20
DASHBOARDS-2494 - ED: Risk view is getting loaded for a long time  1.18
DASHBOARDS-2493 - ED: Route is not proper Source view to Health Measures when any assessment models selected 1.18
DASHBOARDS-2653 - AIP console - ED to HD drill down failing with console error 1.19
DASHBOARDS-2468 - [CASTonCAST] Change Action plan default order to Last updated 1.17

Download the latest versions from ExtendNG

Release Note

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