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AIP Console 1.17.0 is now available

Release Date: June 26th, 2020

The Product team is pleased to announce the new AIP Console 1.17.0  release. 

The notable changes are:
Software architecture check
  • Architecture Studio’s model editor has been redesigned to increase its usability
Application analysis
  • Support of additional technologies (Oracle Forms & Reports, UA-based technologies, ...)
  • Snapshot indicators to help analysis validation (beta feature)
  • Advanced customization – Tools after analysis - Update KB Assistant
  • Run single Analysis Unit
Platform administration
  • AIP Node monitoring - Warning symbols added for CSS, Disk space, ...
  • SSL connection to CSS
  • Backup auto-cleaning strategy
User interface
  • Snapshot renaming
  • User notification via email has been improved
You will find out more details in the Release Notes available here
Coming in next versions:
  • Dynamic Links validation
  • Architecture Studio improvement
  • Snapshot production indicators
  • Advanced customization – After analysis tools



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