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AIP Console 1.16.0 is now available

Release Date: May 15th 2020

The Product team is pleased to announce the new AIP Console 1.16.0  release. 

The notable changes are:
Application management
  • The application name can now be changed and it will be propagated to Dashboards
  • It is possible to backup an application when creating a new version and when running an analysis/snapshot
  • The administrator can define the Application backup retention strategy
Source code analysis
  • Gradle is now supported
  • The source code delivery options can be changed in rescan mode even when reusing the same configuration
  • User can define User-Defined Modules based on naming convention
  • It is possible to apply Exclusion Templates when creating a new version
Architecture Studio
  •  The main page is improved with a new default layout and new icons
  •  The architecture model editor is improved with new icons, expand/collapse all capacity, and selection criterion update
Transactions/Function Points
  • The Call Graph viewer is improved to show/hide legend and external objects, and copy object properties
  • The Call Graph viewer is now available for Data Entities as well
  • Empty AFP Transactional Functions are highlighted in the AFP Count page
Technical changes
  • AIP Console can be deployed with Analysis Nodes associated to different versions of CAST AIP Core
  • The CAST AIP core release number in now displayed in AIP Console on the application's Details page and on the Admin Center space
  • The Measurement schema creation is improved
You will find out more details in the Release Notes available here
Next topic for coming versions:
  • UA/UI extension support
  • Dashboard administration
  • Architecture Studio improvement
  • Analysis nodes monitoring
  • Advanced capacities for customizing analysis


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