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Console 1.15 release

Product team is pleased to announce the new Console 1.15 release.
Main features are:
  • Application migration (from CMS to Console) - officially activated & do not detect new techno option (not by default, for consistency check during import process)


  • Source code delivery - skip upload step (based on folder localization) 


  • Architecture Studio- Simplify the way to create models (based on architecture library items)


  • Transaction configuration
    • Help to validate empty transactions based on call graph (beta) & list of objects with access to the source code
    • capacity to check rule and generic set content in rule editor


  • Console Supervision - Alert users about non visible situation where some part of the platform is not working normally (First check is about CSS status)


  • Admin configuration 
    • Maven repo(s) UI config/
    • .NET assemblies automatically detected in zip file (beta version)
    • Proxy settings config for internet access
Release note available here
Next topics we are working on for coming releases:
  • Gradle support
  • Results stability between upgrades
  • New organization of detail page to improve quality check of analysis
  • Module configuration improvement
  • Console supervision improvements 
  • Change of application name (tentative)

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