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New Release Announcement - Dashboard Package 1.15.X

Release announcement - AIP Dashboard 1.15.0  

Release Date: Feb 29th , 2020 

Features –

  • Pagination in Exclusion view in Engineering Dashboard
  • Inclusion of Source and application name in audit trail log
  • Parameter details are now available in the rules view
  • Parameter details for applicable rules are available for last snapshots
  • Parameter details for applicable rules are available when there are no violations
  • Search feature for module selector in both Health and Engineering Dashboard 

Customer Bugs –

DASHBOARDS-1887 21468 The list of parameters displayed in the dashboard is limited to 1 1.14.0
DASHBOARDS-1873 21724 HD-Weight is not changing upon changing the snapshot's in the drop-down 1.14.0
DASHBOARDS-1496 19802 Health dashboard- Modules names cannot be read in the modules treemap 1.11.0
DASHBOARDS-1892 21625 Cannot see the quality rules parameter values for past snapshots 1.14.0
DASHBOARDS-1886 21588 Parameters to be displayed for the QRs even when there are no violations present. 1.14.0
DASHBOARDS-1934     - IE: Technology drop-down not displaying 1.14.0
DASHBOARDS-1871     - HD: Quality measure and distribution metrics should not be consider for quartile information 1.14.0
DASHBOARDS-1844     - Blank page is displaying if you click outside of the server reloading warning dialog box 1.14.0
DASHBOARDS-1842     - HD: Wrong figures for module view 1.13.2

What’s cooking (Topics for the upcoming release(s)) –

  • Architecture model graphical display in Dashboard (Tentative release - Q1)
  • OMG Automated Tech Debt implementation(Tentative release - Q2)


Release Note

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