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New Release Announcement - Dashboard Package 1.13.0

We are pleased to announce the new release of Dashboard Package version 1.13.0 with the following - 

Improved Usability in Action Plan View-

The action plan view has been modified to enable the following –

  • Multi-selection filtering capability
  • Multi-column filtering capability
  • Pagination instead of show more.
  • Fixed table header
  • Navigation to and from other pages.

AIP Datamart is now GA

AIP Datamart” -  now in GA status– a new way to expose, explore, and integrate AIP data for management reporting, with the following notable features -

  • Robust and flexible Data structure that contains almost all key AIP metrics.
  • A robust ETL mechanism for faster deployment and less effort to maintain.
  • A new set of API services with streaming mode for faster extraction.
  • Easier integration with off-the-shelf BI tools.
  • Flexibility for users to select data that are relevant for the customers.
  • Ability to integrate with external customer data.
  • Ability to create derived metrics that aligns with customer business practice.
  • Flexibility to customize the data structure that fulfills client reporting needs.
  • Support for custom rule groupings.
  • Support for various Industry Standard Tags.

Critical rule flag in Miscellaneous reports

Critical rule flag has been added to following Misc. reports-

  • List of removed violations
  • List of added violations

Predefined Industry-standard Compliance report

The following industry-standard compliance reports have been added to the Dashboard -

OWASP-Mobile-2016 Compliance Report

CWE (2011) Top-25 Compliance Report

CWE (2019) Top-25 Compliance Report

OMG-ASCQM Compliance Report

OMG-ASCQM Security Compliance Report

Useful Infomation -

Release Note

Health & Engineering Dashboard

Engineering Dashboard

Health Dashboard





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