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New Release Announcement - Dashboard Package 1.12.0

We are pleased to announce the new release of Dashboard Package version 1.12.0 with the focus on enhancing system-level insights…AIP Datamart introduction…and some major functional and usability improvements…Here we go…

Ability to explore violated rules for a specific transaction

The Transaction Investigation page has been completely revamped with the view for users to select a particular transaction and explore the violated rules and violating objects. Users can now focus on a specific transaction for a particular business driver and explore the violations that are impacting the transactions for an applicable business driver.

Visibility on impacted objects for a specific transaction

The Transaction Investigation page also provides the ability for users to explore the impacted objects(with violations) participating in a particular transaction for a specific business driver. Users also have the ability to drill-down further to explore the object characteristics and corresponding violations for the object.

Visibility on impacted transaction for a specific object

On Application Investigation view, users now have the ability to see all the impacted transaction for a given object. Specifically, users can select a particular object and see all the transactions the object is participating in and understand how the object is adversely contributing to Robustness, Security, or Efficiency of the application.

Ability to explore objects with highest Cyclomatic Complexity Change

Users now have the ability to see the objects with the highest cyclomatic complexity change for the recent snapshot. The report is added in the Miscellaneous Report section, enabling users to explore the objects with most cyclomatic complexity increase and decrease in the recent snapshot.

Users also have the ability to drill-down to a specific object to explore more.

Introducing “AIP Datamart”

Introducing “AIP Datamart”(Beta) – a new way to expose, explore, and integrate AIP data for management reporting, with the following notable features -

  • Robust and flexible Data structure that contains almost all key AIP metrics.
  • A robust ETL mechanism for faster deployment and less effort to maintain.
  • A new set of API services with streaming mode for faster extraction.
  • Easier integration with off-the-shelf BI tools.
  • Flexibility for users to select data that are relevant for the customers.
  • Ability to integrate with external customer data.
  • Ability to create derived metrics that aligns with customer business practice.
  • Flexibility to customize the data structure that fulfills client reporting needs.
  • Support for custom rule groupings.
  • Support for various Industry Standard Tags.

Please Note: The current version is a Beta. We intend to include more features in it. We strongly encourage you to try this version at your end and provide us with your valuable feedback, in case of any.

Filtering capability in Action Plan view

In the Action Plan list, it is now possible to filter the records by all the columns, enabling users to select records for a specific criteria and make bulk changes to them. The current version allows multiple filtering across different columns but does not support multiple filtering on a specific field.

Parameter details/Threshold values for distribution metrics

Threshold values/ Parameter details are now available for distribution metrics such as coupling, sizing, cyclomatic complexity etc. along with the quality rules. For a given Distribution in each snapshot, the contributing Parameters are listed, together with the type of technology involved (Object Type Involved) and the number of objects (Parameter Value) classed in that parameter. 

New Industry-standard compliance reports for NIST, STIG, PCI-DSS

New reports available in reporting section in Engineering Dashboard

Notification for users during server cache reload

Users will now get a notification when the server cache reload is initiated in the background and is in progress. If users try to log in to the system during this period, the login process will be blocked with a notification for the users. If a user is browsing through the dashboard when cache reload is initiated, system will give them notification and request them to log back in again to see the latest snapshot data. Earlier, users often reported consistency issues during a cache reload.


Download links -

Health & Engineering Dashboard

Engineering Dashboard

Health Dashboard

Release notes

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