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CAST Imaging 2.18.0-Alpha-2

Release Date: 15 Aug 2023

A new alpha version Imaging - 2.18.0-alpha2 is available with some new features and enhancements.

We look forward to your insightful feedback and suggestions as they will enable us to offer a better customer experience.

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New Features:

Multiple Views - Imaging now supports multiple views that allow users to open multiple tabs, each displaying a graph as per user actions. Note: As part of this update, existing vignette behavior across applications has been replaced by a new tab.

Welcome Page - Guided Search - A new feature “Guided Search” is introduced to easily navigate the Imaging Application. The “Guided Search” on the Welcome Page will guide you to get the desired view by answering a set of questions. By default, the “pre-defined” tab is selected on the Welcome page which lets you use the tiles (as in previous releases) in the Welcome Page.

Feature Enhancements:

Left Panel - Transaction Mode - In the Investigate Panel (Left panel), "Transaction Mode" is introduced to show the different modes available for the respective transaction view. Transaction Modes include Full call graph, Reduced call graph and Simplified call graph.

App to App - Right Panel - We have added a description field for the links which can be seen in link properties under the link tab for the SOS links created using queries.json file.

Source code View - The existing source code view icons were updated and re-designed. A toggle button was introduced for 'Dark/Light mode'. ChatGPT icon pops up when the user selects a piece of code for explanation. Expand source code icon will expand the entire source code. Open in new window icon will open the source code for a selected code in a new window. 

Renamed Applications in Imaging - If the Application is re-uploaded to CAST Imaging: when using CAST Console ≥ 2.9 and CAST Imaging ≥ 2.18 , the existing application in CAST Imaging will be overwritten and will use the new application name. when using other releases of CAST Console/Imaging, a new application is created in CAST Imaging and the existing application with the existing name will be retained.

Imaging Advisor – Two new checks have been added for Imaging Advisor targeting a move to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for IBM z/OS Mainframe and a move to Oracle Cloud from Oracle Server on premises. Refer : Link

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