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CAST Imaging 2.18.0-Alpha-1

Release Date: 28 July 2023

A new alpha version Imaging - 2.18.0-alpha1 is available with some new features and enhancements.
We look forward to your insightful feedback and suggestions for the e as they will enable us to offer a better customer experience.
Please share your feedback here: Feedback

New Features:

Link Properties - It is made simpler to comprehend the links that exist between object nodes. The "Link" tab is a new addition to the right panel and displays details about the chosen link on the canvas.

Feature Enhancements:

ChatGPT - Now, you can use ChatGPT to select any piece of source code and get an explanation for it. When the code is selected, the ChatGPT icon appears in the top bar clicking on which will explain the selected code. Further, user can select to get a detailed explanation or even save the explanation.
Additionally, we now inform admin users about attempting to use an API key that is either expired or has been disabled.

Investigate Menu – The Investigate menu UI has been enhanced. Each section is now collapsible and have a new section View Options. The display of Graph Options is improved.

Imaging Advisor – For Advisor rules available in beta phase, bookmarks are displayed as part of the source code viewer. It shows either one or multiple bookmarks as applicable.

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