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CAST Imaging 2.17.1-Funcrel Release

Release Date: 21 July 2023
A new version of Imaging, 2.17.1, has been released with some more new enhancements.

Feature Enhancements:

Enable ChatGPT at Tenant Level - The ChatGPT feature can be enabled or disabled at the tenant level. By default, this selection is deactivated. This option allows you to choose this feature to be enabled only for applications belonging to a particular tenant.

Highlight Path - The Highlight Path feature now works for both Callers and Callees.

Complex Transactions- An option is provided to switch from 'Full Call Graph' to either 'Simplified Call Graph' or 'Reduced Call Graph'.

Custom Aggregation - When a custom aggregation uses an existing CAST-provided aggregation (such as CAST Taxonomy, Module, Service, etc.), will now automatically limit the number of nodes in the aggregation to 100,000.

Tags - The names of the Modules/Services to which the objects in the view belong are listed in the right panel's Modules/Services sections under tags. The objects associated with those scopes will be highlighted in the view when you click on these names.

Imaging Advisor (Beta Stage) - Few insights made available under Imaging Advisor about migrating Mainframe to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and moving on-premise Oracle dB to Oracle Cloud.


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