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CAST Imaging 2.17.0-Beta5 Release

Release Date: 19 June 2023
A new beta version for Imaging - 2.17.0-Beta5 is available with some new features and enhancements.

We look forward to your insightful feedback and suggestions for the new features and improvements as they will enable us to offer a better customer experience.

Please share your feedback here: Feedback

New Features:

Third-Party Component – Safer and Safest versions – Imaging now gives you information about the Safer-Closest and Safest Version of third-party components. The user can plan an upgrade in accordance with this information.

Pre-requisite - Analyzed with CAST Console ≥ 2.4 (Configuration done in Administration Centre - Settings - Highlight Settings), including the extension com.castsoftware.highlight2mri and application re-imported in Imaging.

Feature Enhancements:

  • Imaging Advisor - For moving an IBM z/OS Mainframe to Amazon Web Services (AWS), new checks have been added to Imaging Advisor.

Pre-requisite - To benefit from these checks, the application must contain Mainframe objects and must be re-imported into CAST Imaging.

  • Update Start and End Points - Enhancements to the rendering of the graph.
  • Reports - A new report shows the number of transactions connected by the data source using CRUD links. This will make it easier to identify the key data sources for use cases involving modernization.
  • Module and Services Tags – Module name and service name tags are now displayed on the right panel, where appropriate. This will enable the user to highlight any relevant objects on the display that are linked to a specific module or service.

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