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CAST Imaging 2.17.0-Beta3 Release

Release Date: 20 May 2023
A new beta version for Imaging - 2.17.0-Beta3 is available with some new features and enhancements.
We look forward to your insightful feedback and suggestions for the new features and improvements as they will enable us to offer a better customer experience.

Please share your feedback here: Feedback

New Features:

  • Database Structure - The Database Structure tile on the welcome page links to a view of database table objects, which displays their interactions and gives access to the names of their component columns and foreign key information.
    Available only if the application contains SQL code delivered for analysis as .SQL files and applications will need to be re-imported before the tile will display.
  • Preferred Layout - The Preferred Graph Layout item in Preferences now offers the new "Automatic" layout as an option. All scopes and views that determine the optimum layout for your graph now automatically select this option as the layout. However, the user has the flexibility to change the preferred layout as per required.
  • Shortcut keys information - A new panel has been provided (accessible from the user profile menu > Shortcut keys) that lists all shortcut keys available in CAST Imaging and where and how they can be used.
  • New shortcut keys have been added:
    Select all: ALT+A
    Open global search: CTRL + /

Feature Enhancements:

  • Saved Views - Rename and Ungroup - In Saved Views, Rename and Ungroup options are available for grouped nodes.
  • Get Start and End points feature - Reference link details – The user can drill down to specifics of a selected object linked to other objects by clicking a "References" link, which will provide details outlining the linked objects and types of links.
  • Welcome page - Project Structure tile – Appears under application discovery.
  • Admin Centre - The generic message for jobs running simultaneously to import and update applications has been improved.
  • The "Third Party Components" tile has been changed to "External References" and the "Third Party Components Upgrade" tile has been changed to "Third Party Components".

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