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CAST Imaging 2.17.0-Beta2 Release

Release Date: 05 May 2023
A new beta version for Imaging - 2.17.0-Beta2 is available with some new features and enhancements.

We look forward to your insightful feedback and suggestions for the new features and improvements as they will enable us to offer a better customer experience.

Please share your feedback here: Feedback

New Features:

  • Project Structure: A new view called "Project Structure" now shows on welcome page. This view determines the orchestration of the source code based on project file structure. It displays information based on project's configuration and dependencies, identifying the information such as the project name, frameworks, build settings, references to other projects, and a list of source code files that make up the project.

Feature Enhancements:

  • Start/End Points and Call Hierarchy – UI experience has been improved. For Start Point and End Point, maximum depth information is displayed for the user.
  • Right Panel (View/Object) – The right panel has been enhanced to show details segregated at view level and object level. By default, view level details are displayed (View Annotation and annotations associated with all objects in the view/Tags associated with all objects in the view/Insights) and when user selects an object, user can see object specific details in the right panel (Annotations/Tags/Source Code/Properties)
  • Search For Objects in View – When user searches for objects in the canvas using the object search bar, the searched objects are highlighted with pulse effect and the searched objects are persisted.
  • Saved View improvements - The UI display (Stay in this view) and (Go to saved view) for the save dialog and when user navigates to Saved View `save view` text is updated to update view.
  • UI - Preferences (Object Name Limit) – User can configure the object name length to be displayed on UI.
  • APIs Inventory - As a user this is to view different type of APIs used in the application so that I can identify the APIs access in my application and secure application interactions. We support various filters on Access Type (GET/PUT/POST/DELETE) & API Types (Public/Private)
  • Third-Party Components Upgrade – While navigating to Investigate mode user will now see options to drill down to the objects level. (Children + callers/callees and community options available in the right-click context menu)


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