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CAST Imaging Console 2.8.0-funcrel has been released

We are pleased to inform you that AIP Console version 2.8.0-funcrel has been released. It is available in Extend website : 

CAST Imaging Console Enterprise Edition

CAST Imaging Console Services Enterprise Edition - Setup

CAST Imaging Node Service - Setup

CAST Imaging Console Standalone Edition

This version brings many enhancements :

  • Error Recovery : When using the onboarding with Fast Scan mode, Console will now give you the opportunity to resume the analysis from the same step or a previous step
  • Extension Strategy section : The Extension Strategy is now available in the Admin center as a main setting section (as Application - Global Configuration - System Settings).  It has been restructured to improve usability and simplify the choice of Extensions settings.
  • Fast Scan - Run Analysis will not be blocked if CAST Imaging front End and/or Dashboards are not accessible by CAST Imaging Console or not configured in CAST Imaging Console. A message will indicate that CAST Imaging/CAST Dashboards cannot be accessed and the analysis will proceed (but no result upload actions will be processed)
  • Admin Center - Maven Repositories : Additional Public Maven repositories have been added to the list of repositories available in the Admin Center that will be searched by CAST Console during an analysis
  • Java language - Analysis Step > Configuration step > Set as Current Version : When missing classes are detected during the step set as current version, an alert is displayed in the Log Summary page listing the missing packages that user should  add to reduce the risk of missing links / objects during the analysis production process


And many others that are described in the release note page

As usual, I invite you to navigate in the documentation for additional information

Thank you all for your usefull feedback.

Do not hesitate to come back to us if you have any question concerning  the new functionalities but also about the existing features.

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