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CAST Imaging 2.16-BETA3 Release

Release Date: 10 March 2023
We are happy to announce beta release for Imaging - Imaging 2.16-Beta3, giving you the chance to test out the next additions and enhancements.

We look forward to your insightful feedback and suggestions for the new features and improvements as they will enable us to offer a better customer experience.

Please share your feedback here: Feedback

New Features:

Imaging Advisor

  • Get insights on identified criteria’s in your application for moving from on-premise Oracle DB to Oracle Cloud.
  • Get insights on identified criteria’s in your application for moving from on-premise Oracle DB to AWS Aurora.

CAST Taxonomy Level 4 and 5 now offer several newly categorized technology object types:

  • Apache Cassandra Java and CQL
  • JPA Entities and Queries
  • JDBC
  • NET Entities and Queries
  • Dapper Entities and Queries
  • NHibernate Entities
  • Hibernate Queries
  • MyBatis Queries
  • SignalR and Java, .NET, Node.js, Typescript
  • Apache Spark JDBC
  • Apache Camel Queries

Feature Enhancements:

  • Level 4 Entity Data Access has been renamed as Entity Framework for better understanding and readability.
  • Blockers and boosters are distinguished from their callers and callees by red and green colour highlights, respectively. The Cloud Ready blockers/boosters and Containerization blockers will be highlighted in the custom view in investigate mode.
  • If the user has not configured OpenAI API key in Admin page, then the 'Explain' option is hidden from the context menu.
  • We have now improved the Open AI error handling section so that the user is informed when there is an issue, such as no internet access, too much source code, busy GPT servers, or an invalid GPT key.
  • Highlight > Callers and Callees are now renamed as Callers Graph and Callees Graph in the contextual menu.
  • Analysis for npm packages under Third Party Component Upgrade - User can now see the npm packages linked with object and level 5 under Third Party Component Upgrade
  • In Third Party Component Upgrade, Advisories CVE are provided along with Critical, High, Medium, and Low.

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