CAST Console - AIP Console Tools - Error Job failed: exit code 137 on Linux Machine

When running the Add Version step in AIP Console through the CLI, analysis fails with error - Error: Job failed: exit code 137






1.12.x (tick)
1.11.x (tick)






Oracle Server  N/A
Microsoft SQL Server  N/A



Step By Step Scenario

  1. Create a new version in AIP Console from Linux Environment.
  2. The analysis fails with the error in the command prompt console. 


Action Plan

The issue occurs only when you run the Add Version task on a Linux Environment and not from the AIP Console GUI. We observed that when you run the analysis from the GUI, the task completed without any errors. 

Perform the below actions

  1. The error occurs because of a timeout value set in the GIT. To check for the same, you need to retrieve the logs from the Gitlab Admin and check for the timeout value. There is a CRON Job setting the timeout value of which results in the error. 
  2. If the above steps do not solve your issue contact CAST Technical Support. with the following Relevant inputfor CAST Technical Support to carry out further investigation.


Relevant input


Ticket # 20327




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