CAST Console - Application Onboarding/Delivery - Add Delete Application - Error connecting to database - Cannot Connect Database on CastStorageService

This page will help you to solve an issue that occurs in AIP Console, while adding a new application whereby it  throw's an error while connecting to the database.

Error connecting to database - Can't Connect Database on CastStorageService

FATAL: remaining connection slots are reserved for non-replication superuser connections.

This error is normally a database configuration issue.



AIP Platform


CAST AIP 8.3 (tick) 


AIP Console Version Yes/No
AIP Console 1.8.x  or greater (tick)



This is usually due to some sort of configuration issue, so verify your configuration.

  1.  For default CAST Storage Service installation on Windows, we need to modify the postgresql.conf file which is found here:   C:\Program Files\CAST\CASTStorageService3\db_data   which is basically:  <CSS installation area>\db_data
    You need to increase the max_connections configuration setting or (probably better) use connection pooling to route a large number of user requests through a smaller connection pool. Number_Of_Database_Connections
  2. Restart the PG admin services.
  3. If you are using AWS RD, you will need to modify the profile or connections to increase it to the max connections. Please get in touch with your AWS team to do the modification.
  4. On Storage Deployments requirements you can also refer our documentation page: STORAGE.   
  5. If the problem you are facing does not match any case listed in this page, report your problem to CAST Technical Support and provide the below Relevant input for CAST Technical Support to reproduce the issue.


Ticket # 31644



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