CAST HIGHLIGHT - Analyzer - Discovery Step - Files in subdirectories are not analyzed

When scanning an application, after selecting the directory of the repo within the local Agent, not all subdirectories are taken into account. But when the repo was moved to the  higher level (root), then scan took place. 


  1. Path length should not exceed 256 characters . This is a windows limitation that affects Highlight. Please refer Maximum Path Length Limitation The best workaround is to reduce the file path length. Please refer CAST HIGHLIGHT - CLI - Command line agent scan is failing when file path is more than 255 characters with an "ERROR when checking size file doesn't exist"
  2. Make sure that there are no special characters in the file path. eg ptimizaci�nglish 
  3. Source code in a path should only have English characters. Please refer CAST HIGHLIGHT - Discovery Step - Files are not getting analyzed because of other than English characters in the path



35299, 33009, 21873





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