CAST HIGHLIGHT - API - Excel Importer / Exporter tool - What is clientRef ?

This clientRef is a business identifier (e.g. internal code name for an application) that will ensure the linkage between the object and its technical ID in Highlight.  It is more of a utility provided for applications to have same name if needed. 



The field "clientRef" need only be filled when creating an application, user, domain  through the API or with the Excel tool.

  • clientRef will not be seen in on HL GUI since it is an internal code name for an application.
  • If you want to use the Excel Importer tool to synchronize your portfolio back and forth, the clientRef value must be indicated for each object (application, domain, user). Details can be found here How to import / export apps, domains and users in bulk from Excel
  •  If you create the same app name with different clientRef, it will create duplicate apps on Highlight. ClientRef is a utility provided for applications to have same name if needed. That is two or more applications can have the same name, but not the same ID and clientRef.

  • If you want to see application results by clientRef use the API


32504, 32430




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