CAST HIGHLIGHT - CLI - Error code 3 - Command Line techno discovery error

While running the highlight scan for an application  it's giving (3) Command Line techno discovery error.

Action Plan

  1. Check if it is a network path issue. Check whether the machine from where the command line is running can access the remote files.
  2. Check the length of network path. Use a shorter path (<255 characters) to see if it solves the issue.
  3. Check the file path size, if there are errors like INFO perl: out: ERROR : unable to open, INFO perl: out: ERROR when checking size and ERROR AnalysisPipeline: Discover failed in the HLAutomation.log available at the workingdir of the scan. To solve this either reduce the length of the local file path  or reconfigure the server to allow file names over 260 characters. Please refer CAST HIGHLIGHT - CLI - ERROR when checking size
  4. Check the HLAutomation.log if this line is present  
    INFO perl: error: Cannot run program ""C:\Program Files\CAST\HighlightAgent\strawberry\perl\bin\perl.exe"": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified

Perl is not found. To install Perl do one of the following:

Install the Highlight Agent and get perl from there. Or

Install a compatible version of Perl with the appropriate modules and then use the --perlInstallDir flag

This could also be due to not specifying the Perl installation directory correctly.Check the command whether the Directory of Perl installation ie 
perlInstallDir is mentioned correctly. The default is C:\Program Files\CAST\HighlightAgent\COTS\strawberry-perl- 

 Please refer Highlight Automated Code Scan (Command Line)



26277, 43072, 42816, 43168


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