CAST HIGHLIGHT - Portfolio Management - User attached to multiple domains can only see apps in one of the domains in the dashboard

User is  attached to multiple domains, but the user is able to see the results of one domain only.


When a user is attached to different domains, the user need to use the filter to switch from one domain to another as follows 

  1. Expand the filter menu by clicking on the funnel in the top right of the page. See 1 in the screenshot below.
  2. Click on the domain filter in the middle of the page. See  2 in the screenshot below. Or
  3. Click on the domain name on the left side of the page. See  3 in the screenshot below.
  4. Select the needed domain.



NB:  if there are no apps under a certain domain the filter does not apply hence you may not see it. 


27055, 26272, 41847, 41958, 43475


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