CAST HIGHLIGHT - Analysis Step - Reason for the code to be excluded from analysis

Once the scan is finished, when the status at folder and file levels are checked it can be seen that some have Grey status label. It means that some files have not been scanned and excluded for some reason. The reason will be displayed at file level when hovering over the label.


Some of the reasons for the code to be excluded from the scan are

  • Code not compliant with enough analysis criteria,
  • Content is not in the expected language
  • File is too big (the size limit is 3 MB)
  • Analyzer for the technology is not available
  • Some analysis unit are not OK 
  • Binary file
  • Unreadable file 
  • Missing file
  • External library
  • Encoded file
  • Generated file
  • Syntax error
  • Third-party library
  • Time out etc
  • Minified files are excluded from the health analysis. To detect minified files the analyzer calculates a ratio between instruction lines and total lines of code. If this ratio reaches a specific value, the analyzer considers it as minified and exclude it. It is also indicated in the logs as                            23-01-11 16:23:43,750 INFO perl: out: Abort : Wrapped: minified file (ratio=80.4155220396804)




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