CAST HIGHLIGHT - Survey - Getting a blank page when trying to access "Application Links"

You might get a blank page while trying to access "Application Links" under "Dashboards" menu option as shown below: 

Workaround or Action Plan

This happens when you did not create any "Application Link" type question and if you haven't answered the(se) question(s) created. The survey response should not have any incoherent answers / empty answers as it will impact the result of the analysis.

In the MANAGE SURVEY section, you’ll have to create one question per link type you want to gather across your application portfolio.
Once your link-type questions are created, include them into an existing survey like Application Properties, or just create a dedicated survey section and launch a campaign with this survey.

When Application Link questions are created, you should be able to see them in MANAGE SURVEYS as shown below:

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