CAST Imaging - First login and become super admin

This page handle issues related to Become Super Admin feature


For more information, refer to: First login and become super admin



AIP Version


8.3.x (tick)




Imaging version


2.x (tick) 






CSS (tick)



Action Plan

  1. If nothing happened after clicking on the button then inspect sourcecodeservice.log log file

    1. If you find the following error then you are trying to connect without SSL

      java.sql.SQLException: FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "<your-host-ip>", user "<postgres-user>", database "<db-name>", SSL off

      The file pg_hba.conf (host-based authentication configuration file) is used to control the client authentication. This file is located in the database cluster's data directory. The error means that Postgres accepts SSL connections but you are trying to connect without SSL. To resolve the issue you can try to follow the page - Stackoverflow page or contact your DBA manager.

    2. If  the steps above do not help to solve the issue then contact CAST Technical Support with the log file sourcecodeservice.log

  2. If the issue is not listed in this page then contact CAST Technical Support 






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