CAST Imaging - GUI - Login - Fatal Error - Incorrect username or password Please try again

This page handle fatal errors while trying to Login, for example:


For more information, refer to: Login



AIP Version


8.3.x (tick)




Imaging version


2.x (tick) 






CSS (tick)


Action Plan

  1. Depending on user authentication methods for CAST Imaging System check if the configuration was correctly managed -Configure authentication. From example in LDAP mode, many users encountered this error because of wrong DN, missing port... as an example of LDAP configuration, you should get something like the following:

    security.ldap.account.dn=CN=Amine Benarbia,OU=USERS,OU=FR,DC=****,DC=*******,DC=****


  2. If you are running Imaging on a version below 2.5.0 and if you are switching from a user authentication method to another then take into account the following points:
    1. Whenever you switch to a new authentication mode, i.e. from local to Active Directory, or vice-versa, you must run a batch file to clean up any roles that have been assigned to users in the previous authentication mode, For more information refer to  Clean up when switching to a new authentication mode
    2. When switching from SAML mode back to any other mode, do not forget to reverse the changes you made to the CAST Imaging System login service to force it to use the HTTPS protocol, For more information refer to  Clean up when switching to a new authentication mode
  3. If  the steps above do not help to solve the issue then contact CAST Technical Support with the following  Relevant Input






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