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This page will help you to resolve the issue in Imaging system while selecting an Application.

'Error:  Something went wrong.  You will be redirected to App selection'


Platform or <Sub Platform Version>


2.x (tick)



Step by Step scenario

  1. Select an application in Imaging
  2. Observe the error


Action Plan

If you observe this error then please follow the below steps:

  1. Check the imaging exporter log to see whether objects and links are exported properly. For ex: if you see below exporter log snippet you can see that there are 0 objects and links loaded :


        2. If you see 0 objects and links in the exporter log then check the KB for number of analyzed objects. If you see less number of objects then confirm with customer, if it is the expected/average count based on their source size.

        3. If not ,then there is a possibility that analysis did not run properly. You need to check the analysis log to confirm this.

        4.If the above steps do not solve your issue contact CAST Technical Support. with the following Relevant input


Relevant input

  • Imaging exporter log.
  • Error screenshot
  • Backup of Local/KB 


Ticket # 22059




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