CAST Imaging - Determining if a port used by imaging is already in use

This page provides information for checking if a port is already in use that may be the default configuration for imaging.


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Imaging 2.X (tick)



The ports used by imaging can be seen in the documentation here : Prerequisites for CAST Imaging

By running the below command, you can get the process id of the port being used

netstat -ano | findstr :80

Note : You can replace 80 in the above command by the port number for which you are trying to get the process id.

From the above output we see that process with pid 4 is using the port 80. To get the process name, run the below command.

tasklist /fi "pid eq 4"

From the output of the above command we see that some system process is already using port 80.  The solution is to either reconfigure imaging to a free port or to reconfigure the process that is using port 80 to another port. 

To reconfigure imaging:

Change the port number to a free port (like 82) in the configuration file nginx.conf  located in the below path

C:\Program Files\CAST\ImagingSystem\nginx\conf



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