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CAST Imaging Console 2.6.0 is live!

Release Date: 29 Dec 2022


We are happy to announce the release of CAST Imaging Console 2.6.0-funcrel!


In this version, we continued to improve the new mode to onboard applications to make it easier and more efficient to extract Software Intelligence from applications. Among the improvements (there are many!), we have:

  • The new onboarding mode is enabled by default in fresh installation; 
  • Nevertheless, the administrator can decide which mode must be used by default and, in case where the "legacy" mode is selected, each user can switch between the two modes; 
  • Warning icons and messages are now displayed in the Overview page to inform the user on missing dependencies and to allow him remediating faster by jumping directly to the corresponding log items; 
  • With the new onboarding mode and after a Fast Scan action, the user can now set up the extensions to be used for the Deep Analysis and thus to complement the analysis results with specific information.

In that new version, we have ease the communication between users and CAST as well. Thus, it is now possible to jump directly from the CAST Imaging Console UI to the CAST's "Product feedback/suggestion" forum and submit feature requests. In same way, an experimental widget has been enabled on the UI to allow users to raise tickets for the CAST's Support team.

The UI of the Dynamic Links Manager has been enhanced to provide users with a better experience when reviewing the Dynamic Links. don't hesitate to share feedback to allow us continuing to improve the usability of CAST Imaging Console.

It is now possible for administrator to define more sophisticated strategies for snapshot retention. He can define which snapshots he wants to keep or not and when the clean-up operation must be done.

A new installer is delivered for the Enterprise Edition. It allows to install and deploy all the CAST Imaging Console components via a single wizard. It is delivered within CAST Imaging Console 2.6.0 as a beta feature. Do not hesitate to share feedback!

And much more!


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